Cruel Femdom Whipping

Cruel femdom whipping is one of the most painful and degradation experiences every slave should go through. Actually, many dommes are not considering their males serious slaves if they never experienced what a whip can do to them. If you are wondering why they think so, you should ask yourself same question once you take a look at cruel femdom whipping photos below.

Best of all is that there are two girls instead of one. This means only one and that he will get double dosage of cruel femdom whipping. It seems that girls just needed excuse to start. A new whip is always great news, it’s a perfect excuse to heavily torture their fat male slave. Sexy and really young, probably teenagers, Mistress Kendall and cruel Sarah would probably torture him anyways because it’s something they like to do, but a new torture device always makes it more fun. This whip is particularly brutal in that it cuts male flesh deep, sending him quickly into a space filled with pain and suffering. Slave pain always makes for good afternoon enjoyment for the girls so they get a second whip and both make the slave suffer without any care or pity for his plight. At least he gets the enjoyment of letting them try out their new whip on him.

There is no way that you missed last photo in this free femdom photo gallery. That picture is actually best describing effects of real femdom whipping and what two girls can do if they are devoted to their goal. Now you can read second sentence from the start of this page and you will get that answer easily. After going through this method of femdom torture, there is no slave that ever try to resist to any kind of order. Believe me, this really hurts.

Cruel Femdom Whipping:

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Femdom Humiliation

Leather boots fetish

Leather boots fetish can be so strong that you can’t simply resist when you see a female in leather boots. It doesn’t matter if she is young or mature, when you see those sexy boots you can’t simply stop staring at them. But hat will happen if that lady notice what you are doing? Well, it depends on her. Some are going to ignore you, some will try to run away thinking that you are the maniac, and some can try to take advantage of that situation. This is exactly what this young girl did.

She saw pathetic guy drooling behind her so she decided to seduce him. She slowed down her walk so he can look at those boots more easy. Just enough to make him even more horny and to loose his concentration for other things. That made him easy target even if he is not aware of that, yet. This is exactly what this young but kinky girl in boots wants to accomplish. Actually, she have one great idea on her mind and that is to bring him home where he will have to lick and worship her sweaty feet. Will she make it? Well, if you are boots worship fetish lover, you already know the answer.

Femdom Fetish:

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BDSM Video

BDSM video that you are about to see now is one of the best examples how female domination should look like. I am not talking about some kind of softcore femdom but about brutal and painful femdom torture that will leave scars on this slave’s body for a long time to come. It seems that this naked sub is in double jeopardy. Two Mistresses are going to take care about him in a way they think he deserves. Prepare yourself for a 5 minute long BDSM video of brutal torture and slave humiliation.

This BDSM video is pure action. It started from the moment when pathetic guy was already crucified with his face toward the wooden cross. Redhead dominatrix in skin tight black leather pants rushed toward him. She was impatient to start brutal canning. But other domme, dark haired goddess in black fishnets and over knee boots is also very motivated to step in. Both bitches are using long leather whips that started leaving marks all over slave’s ass as soon as they started whipping him. First, they started by hitting his ass. It lasted for a few minutes until it became extremely red. Basically, you can almost see blood coming out from his wounds. Once they are sure that he had enough damage on his bottom, goddesses resumed whipping, hitting harder and higher all over his back.

During this brutal and painful femdom whipping session, slave can just jump from the pain. His hands are tied and he can’t see when next hit is coming. That is making him nervous and afraid. Basically, slave is totally helpless and two goddesses are free to torture him as long as they want. What can I see except that this is one of my favorite BDSM video examples that every femdom whipping fetish lover must see.

BDSM Video:

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Strapon Trampling

Femdom Face Trample

Femdom face trample seems like a perfect thing to do on boring afternoon. Even if this gorgeous and cute petite girl prepared herself to go out with her friends, she couldn’t resist to once again humiliate her sub. Naked and with mask over his stupid face, for her it would be like a blasphemy if she would avoid him. That is why she will give him several minutes of her precious time that he will remember for a long time to come.

Since this cute brunette is practically ready to go out, there are two things that came to her mind. Face trample seems like something that is easy and won’t take her much time. Beside face trample, she noticed huge black strapon that was left on table after last night’s session with this sub. This seems like perfect combination that will let her dominate slave in only few minutes. As soon as she tramples his face, slave will be forced to suck this strapon. This is for his own good. When strapon is wet, it will enter his ass more easily. So slave boy, suck it hard and think about your arse all the time.


Femdom Face Trample:

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Cuckold Wife

Cuckold wife really knows hows how to make her husband’s live bitter. Her motivation to make him feel stupid and abandoned is incredible. After what she is about to do to him, he will end completely mentally ruined.

She is gorgeous, sexy and young and her goal is to have some fun and feed her ego that is already high enough. Today she decided to enjoy other guy’s cock since her husband became boring to her. But, cheating is not interesting enough so she decided to find a way to punish her hubby. Is there anything better than cuckold porn?  We all know the answer and her husband is about to find it out. Mistress is doing this with style. Cuckold lustful brunette pushes her husband down sits on his neck and sucks her lover’s dick. For a slave all this seems like eternity. Devastating humiliation that he is about to remember for a lifetime. Just when he thought that it was over, stud took his warm dick and jizzed all over his wife sweet ass and some of drops also hit his face.


Cuckold Wife:

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Face Trampling

Face trampling is something every foot domination Dominatrix always loves to see. This time it is not different except this trampling Mistress is about to try various trampling positions on her masked male slave to see which one is best so she can use it more often in the future. Sexy and hot as hell, Governess Elizabeth is standing above her slave. He is forced to be on his knees while she is slowly giving him instructions how he must behave once she start trampling him. There will be no compromise and she is pretty clear about that. It seems that Mistress carefully picked her stiletto shoes with high and tiny heels so her slave can feel some real pain.

Before session even started, slave had to take of his pants. This way, if domme decide to trample his dick, she will have immediate access to it. It seems that this handsome redhead Dominatrix knows what she is doing. She is dressed to tease in black nylon stockings, high heels and long screaming red dress that is perfectly showing her divine and glamorous curves.


Face trampling:

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Ebony Femdom Strapon

Black Strapon Femdom

Black strapon femdom severe punishment seems like natural femdom fantasy for many men. But once you find yourself in that position,it is real question will you be sorry for ever thinking about something like that. Before answering to this question, you should better go through black strapon femdom photos below. I am sure that this white boy will think twice before finding himself into situation where he is about to get black strapon femdom in his ass.

Best of all that in this humiliating strapon session everything is mostly black. Black dominatrix, black nylon pantyhose on her strong legs, black leather boots, black leather corset, black hair and of course black strapon femdom dildo. Only thing that is not so black is white lubricant that she is going to use. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to place this big black strapon femdom dildo inside slave’s tiny anal hole.  Anyway, Mistress picker her favorite place for strap on domination and that is dark atmosphere inside her personal femdom dungeon. It didn’t take much time from the moment slave is forced inside before he started receiving his dosage of femdom anal humiliation. As soon as she saw fear in his eyes, black Mistress was even more motivated to start brutal anal fucking. She ordered slave to bend over heather table and spread his legs. He was resisting at the beginning but we all know that is completely useless once you find yourself in that situation. Did I mention that slave had to give her a blowjob before he is fucked in his ass? Beside humiliating him more this way, there is a very practical side of this. After sucking it, strapon will be wet from his saliva. This way, she is saving lubricants and it is only slave’s fault if it is not wet enough. “So better suck it hard bitch, this is for your own good”.

Black Strapon Femdom

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Golden Shower Humiliation

Golden Shower Humiliation

Golden shower humiliation. How these words sounds? Good enough so that every slave who hear them will shit their own pants since they knew what is coming and how they will be treated soon. This time, it is no different. Naked, on his knees and with leather mask over his face so he can’t breathe good, he is forced to take position inside Mistress’s toilet. To be more precise, in front of her toilet bowl. Since this sexy dominatrix is taking hygiene seriously, she don’t want to make her bowl dirty. Instead of using it, she will make this pathetic sub her personal toilet slave. It seems that this dominatrix have vas experience with golden showers and toilet slaves. She is dressed in that way so she can easily piss or shit if she need it. There is no complicated clothes that requires time to take off. Just a simple black PVC dress and high heels.

She is about to demonstrate him how effective this is. Once he was forced into proper position, Mistress ordered him to open his mouth. He better comply, otherwise he will get something ever worse then piss she is about to jizz. Her piss is pretty stinky since she was holding it for hours with one goal on her mind and that is to make all this extremely unpleasant for a slave.

Once his Goddess started pissing, you can clearly hear sound of piss going through his throat. Slave feels that he wants to puke but he mustn’t show that to the Mistress or he will face even more serious consequences. At this point, only question is : When this Mistress stopp with pissing and how much she was withholding inside her.

Golden Shower Humiliation:

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Lezdom Spanking

Mistress Spanking Schoolgirls

Mistress Spanking Schoolgirls is something you don’t see very often. Dominant teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella. 60 minutes of brutal and humiliating Mistress spanking schoolgirls.

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Femdom Bride

Femdom Bride
Femdom Bride

Femdom bride knows that love is blind! This old man really thought that the young and beautiful Chanel has married him because she loves him although he has been warned by his friend. This woman is perfidious! The wedding night open his eyes but it’s too late now!

He leads his young wife into the room but there is no kiss for him. “Now, I will tell you why I married you?”, Chanel says with an arrogant voice and her finger points down to the floor. “But first, you will go down on your knees!”, she commands the old man down. “From now on, you will be my personal slave. That means you will do everything I say! And we immediately start: You will lick my shoes now!”

What else can he do? He is so deep under her spell that he bows down and starts cleaning the expensive sandals of his young wife. Chanel smiles at herself as she watches the old man down at her feet. That is his place and a beautiful life is waiting for her…




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Femdom Strapon Domination by Two Cruel Goddesses

Femdom strapon is one of most popular female domination methods. It is expected if you consider benefits that strapon femdom Mistresses are getting from these brutal femdom sessions. In a photo gallery below, you will see two dirty dommes. They are having great time while using strapon and humiliating half naked male slave with a black PVC mask over his ugly face.  Bitches agreed that they demand from him to have mask over his face because they can’t stand watching his ugly face. They are there not because of his face but because his arse and dick.

Once they explained that to a slave, it is time to start what girls planned. Sexy and dominant as always, beautiful and divine Fetish Liza is dressed in black PVC dress and black fishnet stockings. She is going to do what she does best. That is teasing, at least until slave’s cock is so big that it will be considered as a reason for a punishment,a real femdom strapon punishment. Actually, they just wanted some excuse before slaves is forced into indefensible position on the table.

From the moment they decided it is time, slave must lay down on his stomach and spread his legs. In this position, he is easy target for a brutal femdom strapon domination. While mistress Fetish Liza is feeding him with a strapon and forcing to suck it, another goddess in red PVC costume is preparing his arse.

If you are wondering what preparation for femdom strapon

means, that is harsh and sudden push inside his tight asshole in the moment when he is still not expecting. No lubricants or any other kind of help, just a pure and brutal strapon penetration. This resulted in slave’s choking but also made him horny and almost instantly ready to cum. Probably because his prostate was so close but that is just side effect of this humiliating femdom strapon session.


Femdom strapon gallery:

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Femdom Smoking Teasing

Femdom smoking teasing is one of easiest and always accessible femdom method and that is a reason why these two very young and dominant girls decided it to use it during their pause at school. It is fairly simple, you go out, take cigarettes and get closest guy that you see. After some verbal teasing, slave will get his order to go on his knees and from that moment, humiliation can start.

It seems like the girls need your mouth. Not for anything sexual mind you, but more as a place to deposit their waste. In this case cigarette ash as cute and young bitches Anastasia and Lyra enjoy a smoke and casually use your mouth as their personal ashtray. We can bet that this morning when slave was going out from his home, last thing that was on his mind was that he will end on his knees, humiliated and with ash inside his mouth. He is about to become something what all dommes call ” human ashtray”.

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Schoolgirls Milking Cock

Schoolgirls milking cock is a scene that we all would like to see and this is our chance to see how young girls are reacting when they see cock for the first time. They are not alone, black dominatrix is the one who is leading this humiliating femdom session,while young bitches are laughing and getting their first experience with male ejaculation.

This is really good step in their current education. If they learn what are male weaknesses while they are young it will help them to be better dominate once they are ready to independently get into the world of female domination. From what we can see in these free schoolgirls milking cock gallery below, it can happen very soon.

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Humiliation Uncategorized

Handjob in Dungeon

Sexy dark haired dominatrix, in leather boots is smothering her slave. While his tongue must be on her ass, she is stroking his cock until he is ready to cum. What do you think will she give him that pleasure?




Leather Worship Slave

Leather Worship Slave

Adorned in sumptuously soft black leather, Dominatrix Heather wants every inch of it worshipped by her devoted leather loving sub. Slave is first ordered to sniff the intoxicating scent, before being allowed to kiss and suck on the heels of her thigh length leather  boots. As he works his way up her beautiful boots, he finally gets the ultimate pleasure of kissing the divine Domme’s leather clad bottom. A leather fetishist’s delight, you must admit.




Facesitting Lezdom

Lesbian Mistress Sitting On Girl’s Face

Sexy and young Mistress Angelina has tied up her girlfriend Lara’s hands with a very tight belt. Then she spanks slutty Lara’s handsome ass in the sexy jeans hot pants. She is hitting her, hard, again and again. It seems like it will never end. She makes pool Lara smell her between her legs. Angelina is pressing her face hard against her jeans pussy. After that, she is sitting down on her girlfriend’s cute face, pressing down on her nose. That’s a hot face sitting, and Domme Angelina is really enjoying it. Then she is taking slave’s breath away with her hands. After she has come, soon afterwards, she only wants to relax.

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Facesitting Femdom

Busty Blonde Mistress Facesitting Slave

Lucky B is a new femdom dominatrix ! She’s a 5’9 Amazon with a HUGE 42″ ASS. She smothers and face-twerks slave Jack and makes him lick her ass! How that sounds? For me, that sounds like a perfect example of ass domination and classic femdom facesitting humiliation. I think we don’t need nothing more today.

Naturally dominatrix, busty Lucky B really looks like born facesitter. She is wearing some sexy black fishnet stockings what made this slave horny as hell. he can’t hide it since slave’s dick is constantly erected. For a facesitting mistress, this seems just like a one more additional reason to smother this slave further and much harder than she planned.

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How to find cheating women online

If you’re looking to find and bang cheating women, you’d be surprised as to how easy it is. In fact, the easiest way to hook up with women who are cheating behind their husband’s back is to go to a website that caters to extramarital affairs. Unfortunately, due to the huge market demand for this type of websites, there are all sorts of scam websites out there. By scam websites, I’m not necessarily saying that these websites will defraud you. A lot of these websites are free to join.


However, they would defraud you in the worst way possible. I am, of course, talking about your time. It’s too easy to just waste a lot of time at the wrong website. If you don’t want to deal with that unnecessary drama then you need to master the art of spotting cheating women online regardless of the type of website that you’re on. Maybe it’s a typical mainstream website. Maybe it’s a run-off-the-mill, plain vanilla adult dating site. Whatever the case may be, as long as you’re able to spot these signals you would be able to send the right signals that would turn her on.


It really all boils down to that. Most guys who fail with women do so because they don’t know how to read women and they don’t know to send off the right signals. You have to understand that whenever you’re communicating with somebody, you’re communicating both with your verbal and non-verbal expressions. This gets kind of tricky when you’re communicating online because you’re communicating with words. However, once you get her on webcam, that’s when you really turn it on. That’s when you work your facial expressions and you focus on the pacing of your speech. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with enough practice you can nail it with all the cheating women out there.


Pay attention to what she does. If she’s serious, she would be very easy to spot. If she’s the typical online time waster that just gets off on all the close and personal attention she gets from males, she’d play a lot of games. The problem with detecting time wasters is that this is one skill set you develop over a long period of time. You have to hang out cheater sites for some time before you get good at telling the real deal from the fakers.

Also, keep in mind that many, if not most, of these women are actually thinking of cheating but somehow, someway, something is keeping them on the fence. It might just take forever for you to be the guy that finally talks them into taking that leap and making that big decision to cheat. Sadly, the more time they spend on the fence, the more of your time they end up wasting. Even if you were just sending an email here and there to them, all that time you spend preparing your email and thinking of what to say can definitely add up. Also, there’s no guarantee that they will eventually get around to cheating. Talk about a waste of time.


Do yourself a favor and if you’re ever in doubt if the woman you’re thinking of having an affair is really a cheater, just block her out completely. You’re better off spending your time chasing after married tail that has a proven track record of cheating.


Petite Blonde Bitch Ballbusting

When it comes to ballbusting, different people loves different types of girls. Today we have something special here, and all of you pathetic wankers in love with petite but strong girls, you must see this. Just look at her strong and short legs and how this ballbusting blonde bitch is properly using them.

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Facesitting In Shade

This great facesitting photo is pure objectification, where the lady simply uses the slave’s face as her chair and completely ignores him while going about her business. Simple but effective and seem like a perfect example how female should treat her slave,in everyday life. Don’t you agree?




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