Cuckold Humiliation

Ebony Cuckold

Ebony cuckold femdom humiliation video that you simply must see. If you are into black girls and ebony cuckold fetish, this video is for you. Be prepared for some bisex bwlojobs: The doctor is in. In your wife’s pussy that is. Nikki Darling’s husband has a tiny dick that is completely useless. In search of big cock satisfaction, Nikki takes her husband to the doctor’s office for some necessary medical intervention. Nikki’s husband is tied to the gyno table with medical straps, locked in chastity and made to watch while his wife takes the doctor’s big cock deep inside her wet cunt. He is then made to taste his wife’s cum on the doctor’s dick. Pussy juice and cum drip on his face and there is nothing he can do about it while he watches his wife have orgasm after orgasm on another man’s cock.

Ebony Cuckold:

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Femdom Whore

Femdom whore teasing

Femdom whore, you’ve fantasized about being a sissy and getting fucked up the ass, but the furthest you’ve gone is stick your finger up your ass in your lonely little apartment. You’ve written Bijou asking to be pegged, but she’s declined. You gotta prove yourself worthy of being a whore! You gotta show you are willing to degrade yourself in any fashion necessary to fulfill your depraved dreams. What you’re gonna do is get a tube of lipstick and cake your mouth with it. Then you’re gonna take that tube of lipstick and cake your ass with it. You’re gonna be painted red on both ends, as any good slut should be. And then, you can christen your “pussy” with a foreign object other than your thumb: That fucking tube of lipstick. Yes, whore. Fuck yourself with that red lipstick. And if you can get hard from that, then maybe you are worthy of being Bijou’s whore.




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Foot Domination Trampling

Sensual Trampling

Sensual Trampling

Sensual trampling by gorgeous Kandy and Jasmine. They are sitting on their slave (dad) and talking about all the abuse they have put him through on the day. They decide they will be trample him, but more sensually. They call in the slaves son to remove their boots and kiss their feet. Kandy comments on how stupidity runs in the family as the slave struggles to remove the footwear. Jasmine laughs and says “Stupidity, perversion and bizarre sexual addiction.”, while sonny sucks and licks their feet. Jasmine starts to trample dad while son licks Kandy’s feet. Jasmine thinks they might have to get the mom and daughter involved, as well, turn the whole family into their slaves. Eventually sonny is dismissed and the full abuse goes on to daddy. The girls start to trample him together and being Her nature Jasmine soon forgets that talk about sensual trampling. While she jumps on the slave, Kandy steps on his cock and balls and then slips off from the sweat, almost ripping the slaves nuts off in the process. The slave screams which makes the Ladies laugh hysterically. Jasmine continues to jump on his chest before switching positions with Kandy and jumping some more. The slave is clearly suffering immensely but Jasmine doesn’t give a fuck as she digs Her toenails into him and then walks on his head. “After all I’m a Dominatrix”, Jasmine says, “I’m only so sensual.” Kandy squeezes the slaves cock as it expels nasty cum onto her hand which she then sticks in his mouth to lick up. They’ve had enough of dad, they are off to train the son further.



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Urine Drinking

Urine Drinking

Urine drinking:

Mistress Kandy and Miss Jessica know that their slave is thirsty and his only drink on this day will come from Kandy’s pussy, or Jessica’s should she need to piss, as well. First the slave is told to sniff both of their crotches and imagine their piss flowing into his mouth. The Ladies then tell the slave to lay on his back as Kandy removes Her pants exposing Her perfect Pussy. She tells him to open his mouth and then unloads with a strong stream of nectar into his mouth. She has great control stopping so he can close his mouth and swallow, then he opens up to get more. The depraved slave has to beg for more and after a few more gulps she decides to stand over him and relieves herself all over him. Kandy tells Jessica that when she is done they will go out and leave the slave to clean up, or maybe they will just send him home to his wife drenched in Her urine.



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Cock Torture

Mistress Chloe Handjob

Mistress Chloe has her slave completely bound and helpless, strapped down to a bondage table with a steel bondage device locked around his cock and balls, squeezing them tightly. She tells him that he will never have sex with a woman again, because she is keeping his cock caged forever, but if he begs her enough she might actually jerk his cock until it cums. Chloe teases his cock mercilessly, using only two fingers and slowly rubbing her hand against the cock head bulging out from its steel prison. Mistress Chloe enjoys making her slave beg for her spit on his cock as lube – and in his mouth as he suffers from the heat of the latex hood around his face. Chloe decides to let her slave cum, but she tells him that he will have to eat it once he does. The slave begs and begs Chloe not to make him do such a disgusting thing, and she finally relents. Chloe then jerks his cock for real, making him cum a huge load all over his belly. Of course, Chloe scoops it up in her hand and feeds it to her slave through his hood, laughing at his humiliation. Of course she was going to make him eat his own cum; did he think his begging was going to change her mind?

Mistress Chloe

Mistress Chloe




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Sissy femdom

MBA Turned Sissy Shemale

It hadn’t always been like this …

I have an MBA and stock options in several extremely wealthy businesses.

I also have B cup breast implants, a 3 inch cock, enhanced lips, and a majority of the time I’m servicing my old co-workers. C’est la vie I suppose.

Where to begin? I suppose I should just start at the beginning and end at the end. I worked as an executive at a company that made high-tech computers for the military-industrial complex. We made a fortune on bids and then years later we would sell the stuff to the private sector, it was pretty great. I don’t know the first thing about computers but I do know a lot about business and, while I may have been an asshole then, I definitely made sure that work got done.

I was toned, ripped really, dark skinned for a white guy, and I had a nice 8 inch cock that I treasured. I never sexually harassed an employee, I never sold a bad product knowingly, I never did anything that makes powerful men like me into sissies in the literature. It’s actually simple: I’d always wanted to be a submissive little cock whore but I’d been compensating. I compensated pretty well though, I’m retired at this point; the CEO didn’t want his second in command coming in in stockings and bras anymore, but I’ve got more than enough money to live comfortably as a sissy for the rest of my life.

What did happen was fairly simple. I decided I’d go and get my nipples pierced. I was a high-powered executive at 28, damn good looking, and rich. It was essentially the only thing I could do to make myself more appealing to the ladies, I like to please.

When I got to the piercer’s shop I told them what I wanted and the simpering male secretary brought me to a room in the back where I was to wait for the piercer. When she came in I realised she was gorgeous. Her name was Candi and I was basically in love with her the moment she walked through the door.

“So you want your nipples pierced?” she asked, shutting the door behind her and turning a lock.

“Yeah, I thought it would look good. Women like that sort of thing don’t they?” I asked.

“Do you really need to worry about what women like?”

“What do you mean?” I was a little confused.

“You pulled up in a Bentley, you’re wearing an Armani suit, and from the bulge in your pants I’d say you’re well endowed. Is there any reason you’re trying to make yourself -more- appealing to women?”

Wow. She’d hit the nail on the head!

“Not really I guess, I just figured if I want the best woman I should try to be the best man I can be.”

“How cute. Frankly, I think nipple piercings are a little feminine. You should get a tramp stamp and a naval piercing too.”

She seemed like she was being a bitch but I wasn’t going to take that. She was too beautiful, in that greco-Roman sort of way, to be a bitch.

“Well maybe I will. Kind of edgy, don’t you think?” I retorted.

She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. I got a hardon then and there and prayed she wouldn’t see it.

“Someone likes being talked back to,” she said, pointing to the erection. Damn.

“I’m just … you’re hot, what can I say?”

“Baby, you don’t need to say anything, should we get to piercing?”

That was a relief. I climbed into the chair.

“Take your shirt of please.” she said. I did as she asked and she cocked her eyebrow again. If I’d been less of a man I may have shot my load in my pants right then.

“My, we really do work hard, don’t we?” she asked, running the pen she’d been writing on a clipboard with down my six-pack.

“I work out every day, but not as much as I should. I’m kind of lax.” I said.

“This isn’t lax, Mr. -”

“Johanson.” I replied.

“Mr. Johanson. This is dedication. Take your pants off please.” She ordered.

“My pants?” I asked, confused.

“Yes please. I can’t do a naval piercing with your pants on.”

That didn’t sound like a good reason at all, and I didn’t want a naval piercing to begin with. I took my pants off anyway, it seemed like she was just trying to get me naked and I didn’t have a problem with that.

Once I’d gotten my pants off I cursed myself. I’d forgotten that I was wearing one of my girly boy short briefs. They were probably women’s cuts with a pouch added in, but even that wasn’t much. My throbbing hard-on was plain as day and the underwear were less than masculine. I wore them on days I wasn’t planning on having sex, they’re more comfortable and have way more support than regular men’s underwear.

“Jesus.” she said. I was starting to feel more than a little embarrassed.

“What?” I asked, trying to play it off, “they’ve got more support and they’re comfortable. It’s not all about style.”

“Those are as close to panties as you can come darling.” she replied, “But I applaud your bravado, I think it’s hot you’re willing to look like a fag for comfort.”

“Excuse me?” I was offended.

“They’re gay honey. Those are gay men’s underwear. Don’t try to deny it either, you say the little bitch we have working the front desk, he probably owns the same pair. I think it’s cute.”

She smiled at me for the first time and it was a warm smile.

“Just take them off, your cock is straining to get out and there’s no reason for you to be uncomfortable.”

“I don’t know if that’s, um, appropriate.” I said.

“Babe,” she said, putting a hand on my inner thigh and leaning in close to me, “I’m going to jerk you off, do you really want to turn that down? Be a good boy and take that big dick of yours out.”

She was so forward, it was turning me on. When I got my underwear off she leaned over again and sucked the precum off the top of it, licking around the head before going all the way down and coming back up again. She started to jerk me off, using her spit as lube.

I came in about 30 seconds and felt embarrassed. I’d been so hard since she’d walked in I couldn’t contain myself.

“I’d like to do something for you,” I offered.

“Alright,” she responded, “since you came so quick you can lick your cum off my hand. After that we’ll do your piercing’s and then you can come to my place and cook me dinner.

For some reason I was already licking the cum off her hand so when she offered to have me over I responded with a simple “Mmm hmm,” my mouth full of my own seed. It tasted good, I’d never had cum before but it was enjoyable.

“You can lick the rest up off that six pack of yours.” she said. I did.

As she got her piercing equipment together we were oddly silent, I was mostly scouring my stomach for cum to consume and she didn’t have much to say. She pierced my nipples, then my naval (which I went along with for the hell of it.

When I was leaving I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just said, “bye.”

“Oh, Mr. Johanson, the receptionist will have a package for you to wear to my place. You can put it on outside the door if you like, but be wearing it when I answer the door. Are we clear?”

“You just have clothes lying around for me to wear?” I asked, kind of creeped out.

“No. You’re going to wear something of my secretary’s. Good afternoon.”

I shut the door and went out to the front desk to pay. I looked at the secretary, he was slightly built and pretty feminine, especially his attire.

“I’m supposed to ask you for a package?” I said.

“I have a boyfriend,” he replied.

“I meant a package of clothing, from your boss.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He was snippy.

“She said that I was supposed to get something of yours to wear.”

“What the Hell? She’s so weird. I guess, I only brought a sexy little outfit to please my boyfriend though. He’s a black guy and you know how they like their boys.”

I didn’t know how black men liked their boys but I was clearly going to find out.

When I showed up to her house I felt awkward and silly. I was wearing a gstring (I didn’t even want to know if it was used or not), a pair of booty shorts with the word JUICY on the back, and a tight shirt that barely went halfway down my torso. I looked like a slutty high school girl had picked out my wardrobe.

I knocked on the door and when she answered she didn’t even acknowledge that I was dressed like a sissy, she looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and beckoned me to come in.

“I know I said I’d have you make dinner, but I actually have that under control.” she said.

“Oh, well that’s good. Why am I wearing this?” I asked.

“You’ll see darling, don’t worry. Now, would you like to have something to eat?” she asked.

“I suppose, I’m actually kind of hungry.” I replied.

We went into her kitchen and I nearly fainted. Standing there at the table was a completely naked Hispanic man with a dick that made mine look like it belonged on a toddler. He’d apparently cooked the meal and put it all on the table, the seating was for three.

I was about to leave when my reasoning told me just to stay. Nothing bad was going to happen and if things got out of hand I could always leave. I didn’t know anyone in this part of town so they wouldn’t see me in my getup. I’d be fine so I sat down at the table across from Darlene and next to the Hispanic man.

“This is David, David meet Mr. Johanson. Mr. Johanson, David.”

“Nice to meet you David,” I said.

“Same to you, Mr. Johanson.” he said, eyeing me up and down. I felt small even though this man was skinnier than me. It was his dick, it was overpowering.

The meal was delicious and I made sure to tell David after the first couple of bites. I was extremely impressed. We all discussed piercings and other things. I started to notice that I was getting a little tired and that I couldn’t help but stay semi-stiff throughout the meal. I began to suspect there was something in the wine but felt too good to do anything about it.

Just when I thought I was being paranoid I felt David slip his hand under the table and start caressing my dick.

“You’re pretty hung for a white guy.” David said.

“Oh thanks,” I said, and winked. I should have been turned off with a man jerking me but for some reason it seemed alright.

I looked across the table and noticed that Darlene was gone, I wondered where she was until I felt her head in my lap. She also was playing with my feet but everything felt too good for me to worry about it.

David had gotten up and started caressing my nipples, Darlene had pulled my semi-erect dick out one leg of my booty-shorts and started to lick it.

At that point I sort of blacked out for a bit, I’m not sure what happened but when I looked down next I noticed a lot of weird things had happened.

I was in a slightly different spot; the other side of the table to be precise, and my legs were propped up on the table. My legs had been shaved, along with the rest of my body apparently, and were stuffed into a pair of clear plastic fuck me pumps, at least 4 inches with platforms.

My clothes had been removed except for my thong which had been pushed aside to make way for Darlene’s giant dildo which was sliding in and out of my lubed up asshole with ease. It was probably the most pleasant feeling I’d ever had, aside from David’s big warm cock completely filling my mouth. I also realized that my hands were playing with my nipples, rather than my cock. As a matter of fact, no one was touching my cock.

It was at that moment I erupted in ecstasy in the most amazing orgasm of my life. Nothing had touched me and yet there I was, cumming like there was no tomorrow and spraying globs off cum on my own face and chest. I tried to smile as I closed my eyes and continued sucking David’s dick like my life depended on it.

Suddenly I heard Darlene start laughing and David followed.

“He comes like a girl, don’t he?” David said.

“Just like a girl, except he’s got that big dick.” Darlene said.

I’d never thought about it, but I didn’t like having a dick, it was kind of a downer. Well, maybe not -having- a dick, but being as big as I was certainly was. I’d always hoped for a smaller dick, something maybe 4 or 5 inches, but I’d never really thought about it.

I heard Darlene cum from fucking me with a strapon and a few minutes later I felt the hot sticky mess of David’s cum as it oozed down my throat and a little escaped my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth with a pop and I smiled, letting it run down my chin, and lay back with my eyes closed.

I began to think about my life. I was in control of just about everything but suddenly I was out of control and in a submissive position. I loved every second of it. I especially loved it when Darlene had made me feel humiliated by the fact that I came from being fucked in the ass.

It dawned on me that this was really what I wanted.

“I want to be like this forever.” I said, looking up at darlene who was removing the strapon.”

“I figured.” she said.

“You knew?” I asked.

“Not really. When you came in I started to guess and figured I’d have you over for dinner and maybe we could fuck. Of course, I figured I’d be cumming from your dick, not vice-versa, but whatever. We drugged you of course,” she said.

“With what?” I asked.

“Oh nothing really, an old herbal remedy. It makes you succumb to your desires. It doesn’t make you stupid though, if you hadn’t wanted to do something you wouldn’t have done it. Actually, if you remember, you didn’t want David to fuck you with the high heels your wearing, you thought it was weird being fucked by shoes.”

I did remember, although only vaguely. That made me feel a lot better.

“I didn’t really plan on having you just move in and be my sex slave though. I like fucking with a strapon, but I need a man inside me sometimes.”

“Well,” I said, stroking my cock to erection again, “There’s David here, and then again -”

I got up and crossed the room to her, very steadily on my new heels, and slid my cock into her tight pussy.

“Oh.” she gasped before she kissed me passionately. David came up behind me and slid his giant cock into my ass. I was worried about his not wearing a condom, but I assumed he was clean, I didn’t really care that much anyways. When he came in my ass it only sealed the deal for me, all that warm sperm in my butthole felt amazing.

It’s been 2 years now and my changes are complete. No hormones or anything like that. I’ve had some lip implants, B-cup breast implants, butt implants, liposuction and muscle removal to give me that slim figure, a slight facial feminisation, and a radical new therapy to shrink my dick.

Essentially they castrate me for a week and pump it full of a chemical that causes the muscle to break down. I’ve gone from 8 inches and thick to 2 inches and more of a slim size. I can still have sex with Darlene and bring her to climax, but I’m so small we have to be scissoring. It kind of turns us both on, having sex like a pair of lesbians. I always love the way my little titties jiggle while I’m making love to her.

David is the man of the relationship, we’re both considered his wives. Essentially Darlene is the dominant one and I’m the sissy one. I stay home all day and do the chores that need to be done, which arne’t many since we have a maid. I’m thinking about letting her go though, for an immigrant she sure is judgemental. I realize I still look like a man, and I realize I enjoy the humiliation of walking around the house wearing girly clothes that show off my almost permanently hard (thanks to viagra) 2 inch dicklet, but that’s no excuse to scoff at me and mutter ‘sissy’ under her breath when I give her an order.

I did try firing her once though, and that didn’t work out too well. She’d simply grabbed my by the balls and looked me in the face. She said, “You’re not going to fire me, you little man bitch.” And then she started to jerk my little clitty off with her thumb and forefinger. It had been poking through my microshorts, there’s a hole cut in them so my little thingy can get the air it so desperately needs. Anyways, as I was shooting my pathetic little sissy load down towards the floor she’d made me repeat again and again that I was the bitch of the house and that I would never, ever speak back to her again.

She made me get down on my knees and lick my cum off the carpet, thrusting her duster into my loose boypussy and of course Darlene had come home at that precise moment, seeing me licking my own sissy spunk off the floor with a feather duster sticking out of my ass. That was the last time I wept and it was the last time I ever asserted myself in my own house. They, the maid and Darlene, had been laughing so hard. Even my humiliation didn’t help, it only caused me to let another small stream of cum ooze out of my now pathetic cock onto the floor as I came again from the insults.

Of course, Darlene couldn’t help but start inviting my old coworkers over. People I went to college with, people I gave orders to, people I directed around the office on mediocre chores that I was either too busy or too lazy to do myself. They would all come to my house and see me in whatever sexy outfit I was wearing (always with a hole for my stiff 2 inch erection to poke out and embarass me more) and invariably begin laughing and making jokes about my new situation.

“Show us the tits, boss.” One of my old temps had said while he forced me to ride a gigantic black dildo he’d stuck to the wall of my living room while him and his college friends beat their dicks off sitting on my sofa. I’d pulled down my chemise and let my soft, supple breasts jiggle as I pumped the rubber penis in and out of my bubble butt.

When I’d had a little sissy orgasm and made a mess on the floor they all started laughing except for one, who’d started to cum as well. He looked at the temp who used to work for me and said “You used to take orders from him?”

“I may have taken orders, but look who’s sitting on a dildo performing for us like a slut now.” he’d replied sarcastically, “I’d never wind up a sissy bitch like him.”

Unfortunately he hadn’t been paying attention and came at that moment, covering his own face in cum. After the show was over he’d lingered for a bit before going to his car, he’d been the last one to finish washing the cum off himself in my bathroom. I stopped him as he was leaving and stood there absentmindedly rubbing my tiny erection.

“You know,” I’d said, “If you enjoyed the insults they were giving you, you might think of joining me here. I’d love to have a girl friend.” I smiled and reached out to grab his cock.

“I’ll … I’ll think about it,” he’d said rapidly before running out the door to his pals.

He lives with us now, crossdressing full time. He’s the one on the hormones, he really went whole hog. I’m just upset his titties are bigger than mine, and that his penis is still big enough for him to fuck me. I thought he’d be my sissy pal, not my shemale master. I guess I’ll be forever at the bottom of this totem pole but regardless of my status, I’m just happy I can have hot cum in my ass as often as I want it.

I love my tiny dick, my new breasts, and my sissy wardrobe. Being a girly boy was really all I ever wanted, I’m sorry I fought it for so long.

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Femdom Strapon

Ebony Femdom Sex

Ebony femdom girls are some of most wanted femdom bitches. Their natural strength can make any slave shiver in front of them. And can you imagine what kind of reaction from men they are getting when they are armed with strapon?

Beautiful, strict and sexy, ebony femdom Mistress Lotus Lain returns home to find her bitch boy Jonah Marx bound and waiting to serve. He was in that position for last several hours and just when he thought that his agony is over, it actually begins. Normally, when dominatrix come back home, she must be pleased. This slave is there only because of that. Trick is that various kinky things can please this ebony dominatrix dressed in tight leather skirt and black fishnets. She can only get her orgasm if her sex servant is humiliated enough and completely cooperative.

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Because of that, she is going to play with his balls while he is still tied on the bed. But that is only introduction into what is coming next. Once she attached black strapon on her body it is a time for brutal anal violation of this slave. She had to take his restraints off to get easier access into his anal hole. As mentioned above, once he is fucked enough and whipped properly, Mistress can get her orgasm. This time she wants her pussy massage with slave’s tongue. To get it, sub will have to put his head under her black and dominant ass. While she  is riding his ugly face, he must try to please her properly. Failure will get him into strapon revenge and two times for a session would be really too much for his tight ass.

Ebony Femdom sex video:

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Facesitting Femdom Strapon

Spandex Porn

Spandex porn but maybe not the one like you would expecting. I am not saying that there is no sexy girl in spandex here but some people can be confused after looking these spandex porn photos. Why? Because you are about to attend humiliating female domination session where tied guys will be fucked and humiliated.

Hot as hell in tight red spandex pants and white leather boots, cruel goddess, Mistress Lorelei Lee prepared something special for this guy. Scene started when slave was already tied so I guess she didn’t want to wast time with unwanted photos without action. Below, on spandex porn and femdom photo gallery, you can see slave’s dick tied with ropes. It hurts like hell especially when he started getting erection what is normal reaction to a hansom girl in tight spandex pants. But that is only the begining. he is about to go through some harsh female domination methods like: ball busting, CBT, cock bondage, tease & denial, strap-on fucking. Ultimate goal of this session (except Mistress’s orgasm,of course) is to humiliate male sex object and force him to clean up his Mistress’ cum.

It seems that in that process, his tight arse is going to suffer most. But don’t forget what kind of effect on his ego all this is going to leave. Being ass fucked and humiliated by a sexy girl that you wanted to fuck until recently is not so simple. Anyway, if you are finding yourself in this kind of spandex porn action, you chould CHECK THIS SITE and find this femdom video. I know, sometimes photos are just not enough, especially when you are looking at curvy blonde girl in red spandex pants.

Spandex porn femdom photos:

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Facesitting Femdom

Femdom Slave

Femdom slave is always hard role to play. Especially if you have a strong and busty dominatrix in front of you that will soon start to face fuck your old face. That is exactly what this old fart is going get. There is no empathy for him and his years. Actually, what is making this Mistress even more cruel and horny is age of this old femdom slave. It seems that she is about to give him more humiliation and abuse than she usually does to younger guys that are always available at her disposal.

Before proceeding with brutal smothering, Mistress ordered him to dress like a real sissy. She wants to humiliate him completely and it can’t be done without dressing him like a girl. That is a reason why you see old guy wearing pink stockings in photo gallery below. He looks like idiot and that is exactly what blonde femdom goddess wanted before she goes further. Making femdom slave to look and feel stupid is always important thing to do. Once that requirement is satisfied she can go further.

Blonde goddess ordered him to take suitable position where she can use all her weight. She wants to be pleased and this guy will be used for brutal face fucking. Mistress simply loves to cum this way, while humiliated guy is under her massive but sexy ass. It seems that she don’t want to cum fast so Mistress decided to make small pause. But that doesn’t mean pause for her slave. On the contrary, slave will have to worship and lick her naked feet while she is relaxing and watching from above. Did she told him that her pedicured sexy feet are sweaty? No? Well,it doesn’t matter, because he is about to feel it as soon as he start sniffing and licking them.


Femdom slave

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Femdom Porn

Femdom porn is a little bit different than other kinds of porn. This means that there are two goals in every femdom sex scenario. First one is to please Mistress so she can cum, of course. Second one, maybe even more important, is to make slave feel humiliated and pathetic. If both things are satisfied, then we can talk about successful femdom sex session.

This is exactly why you are about to see hot dominatrix humiliating her slave before she let him fuck her. Basically, most of the time during this humiliating femdom porn session, she was forcing him to lick her body parts. At the beginning her dirty toes and later her dominant ass and pussy.

Petite dominatrix is gorgeous and curvy. Who would say that girl so cute can be so dominant and kinky? She is almost naked and she is wearing only black latex boots with very high heels. While her sweaty ass is pressuring slave’s face, juices from her vagina started coming out. It definitely make her horny when male is in submissive position and when she can dominate him easily. Anyway, all this is happening in her private dungeon. She even have special chair prepared that is used to additional humiliate her sub. Bald guy is already tired from serving her and she didn’t even ask from him to fuck her.

Once Mistress is satisfied how her slave is licking and worshiping her, it is time to let him stick his pathetic but erected cock in her. She won’t let him fuck her long because goal is to make her cum and leave slave frustrated and unsatisfied. From what we can see on these free femdom sex photos, this is exactly what is going to happen.

Femdom porn

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Cock Torture Femdom

Penis Torture

Penis torture is something every slave should experience as soon as possible. I can bet that most of dommes will agree that slave can’t be considered serious one if he missed to feel pain that is coming from penis torture or ballbusting. In today;s update of Brutal Femdom, sexy pinup dominatrix, Mistress Nyxon gets creative with a classic hand drill that involved nipple clamps and one very twisted up cock.But that is not all, she then adds electro-pads to her slaves balls and shocks him so bad he can barely stay in position.

Well that is in short , and now it is time to enjoy cock and balls torture photo gallery below where you can see hot pinup girl in black nylon stockings with garter belts slowly preparing tools for brutal femdom cock torture. She is calm and very dedicated to what she is about to do. Penis torture is serious thing and that is why this domme is going slowly. There is a very thin line between dick torture and castration. She know that very well and today she is going only with option number one. If you think that it is not enough, you are probably wrong. Just take a look at those kinky photos below and how precisely Mistress is squeezing and stretching slave’s dick. She knows very well where is the limit where she can go. of course, stupid slave don’t know that and he started screaming and begging for mercy. He is not sure will she pull of his cock and let him bleed locked inside her dungeon, where no one can hear him.

During complete penis torture session, sexy dark haired Mistress is not talking much what is making this slave even more paranoid. Uncertainty is scary when your balls are tied and your cock squeezed.

Penis torture:

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Cruel Femdom Whipping

Cruel femdom whipping is one of the most painful and degradation experiences every slave should go through. Actually, many dommes are not considering their males serious slaves if they never experienced what a whip can do to them. If you are wondering why they think so, you should ask yourself same question once you take a look at cruel femdom whipping photos below.

Best of all is that there are two girls instead of one. This means only one and that he will get double dosage of cruel femdom whipping. It seems that girls just needed excuse to start. A new whip is always great news, it’s a perfect excuse to heavily torture their fat male slave. Sexy and really young, probably teenagers, Mistress Kendall and cruel Sarah would probably torture him anyways because it’s something they like to do, but a new torture device always makes it more fun. This whip is particularly brutal in that it cuts male flesh deep, sending him quickly into a space filled with pain and suffering. Slave pain always makes for good afternoon enjoyment for the girls so they get a second whip and both make the slave suffer without any care or pity for his plight. At least he gets the enjoyment of letting them try out their new whip on him.

There is no way that you missed last photo in this free femdom photo gallery. That picture is actually best describing effects of real femdom whipping and what two girls can do if they are devoted to their goal. Now you can read second sentence from the start of this page and you will get that answer easily. After going through this method of femdom torture, there is no slave that ever try to resist to any kind of order. Believe me, this really hurts.

Cruel Femdom Whipping:

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Femdom Humiliation

Leather boots fetish

Leather boots fetish can be so strong that you can’t simply resist when you see a female in leather boots. It doesn’t matter if she is young or mature, when you see those sexy boots you can’t simply stop staring at them. But hat will happen if that lady notice what you are doing? Well, it depends on her. Some are going to ignore you, some will try to run away thinking that you are the maniac, and some can try to take advantage of that situation. This is exactly what this young girl did.

She saw pathetic guy drooling behind her so she decided to seduce him. She slowed down her walk so he can look at those boots more easy. Just enough to make him even more horny and to loose his concentration for other things. That made him easy target even if he is not aware of that, yet. This is exactly what this young but kinky girl in boots wants to accomplish. Actually, she have one great idea on her mind and that is to bring him home where he will have to lick and worship her sweaty feet. Will she make it? Well, if you are boots worship fetish lover, you already know the answer.

Femdom Fetish:

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BDSM Video

BDSM video that you are about to see now is one of the best examples how female domination should look like. I am not talking about some kind of softcore femdom but about brutal and painful femdom torture that will leave scars on this slave’s body for a long time to come. It seems that this naked sub is in double jeopardy. Two Mistresses are going to take care about him in a way they think he deserves. Prepare yourself for a 5 minute long BDSM video of brutal torture and slave humiliation.

This BDSM video is pure action. It started from the moment when pathetic guy was already crucified with his face toward the wooden cross. Redhead dominatrix in skin tight black leather pants rushed toward him. She was impatient to start brutal canning. But other domme, dark haired goddess in black fishnets and over knee boots is also very motivated to step in. Both bitches are using long leather whips that started leaving marks all over slave’s ass as soon as they started whipping him. First, they started by hitting his ass. It lasted for a few minutes until it became extremely red. Basically, you can almost see blood coming out from his wounds. Once they are sure that he had enough damage on his bottom, goddesses resumed whipping, hitting harder and higher all over his back.

During this brutal and painful femdom whipping session, slave can just jump from the pain. His hands are tied and he can’t see when next hit is coming. That is making him nervous and afraid. Basically, slave is totally helpless and two goddesses are free to torture him as long as they want. What can I see except that this is one of my favorite BDSM video examples that every femdom whipping fetish lover must see.

BDSM Video:

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Strapon Trampling

Femdom Face Trample

Femdom face trample seems like a perfect thing to do on boring afternoon. Even if this gorgeous and cute petite girl prepared herself to go out with her friends, she couldn’t resist to once again humiliate her sub. Naked and with mask over his stupid face, for her it would be like a blasphemy if she would avoid him. That is why she will give him several minutes of her precious time that he will remember for a long time to come.

Since this cute brunette is practically ready to go out, there are two things that came to her mind. Face trample seems like something that is easy and won’t take her much time. Beside face trample, she noticed huge black strapon that was left on table after last night’s session with this sub. This seems like perfect combination that will let her dominate slave in only few minutes. As soon as she tramples his face, slave will be forced to suck this strapon. This is for his own good. When strapon is wet, it will enter his ass more easily. So slave boy, suck it hard and think about your arse all the time.


Femdom Face Trample:

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Cuckold Wife

Cuckold wife really knows hows how to make her husband’s live bitter. Her motivation to make him feel stupid and abandoned is incredible. After what she is about to do to him, he will end completely mentally ruined.

She is gorgeous, sexy and young and her goal is to have some fun and feed her ego that is already high enough. Today she decided to enjoy other guy’s cock since her husband became boring to her. But, cheating is not interesting enough so she decided to find a way to punish her hubby. Is there anything better than cuckold porn?  We all know the answer and her husband is about to find it out. Mistress is doing this with style. Cuckold lustful brunette pushes her husband down sits on his neck and sucks her lover’s dick. For a slave all this seems like eternity. Devastating humiliation that he is about to remember for a lifetime. Just when he thought that it was over, stud took his warm dick and jizzed all over his wife sweet ass and some of drops also hit his face.


Cuckold Wife:

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Face Trampling

Face trampling is something every foot domination Dominatrix always loves to see. This time it is not different except this trampling Mistress is about to try various trampling positions on her masked male slave to see which one is best so she can use it more often in the future. Sexy and hot as hell, Governess Elizabeth is standing above her slave. He is forced to be on his knees while she is slowly giving him instructions how he must behave once she start trampling him. There will be no compromise and she is pretty clear about that. It seems that Mistress carefully picked her stiletto shoes with high and tiny heels so her slave can feel some real pain.

Before session even started, slave had to take of his pants. This way, if domme decide to trample his dick, she will have immediate access to it. It seems that this handsome redhead Dominatrix knows what she is doing. She is dressed to tease in black nylon stockings, high heels and long screaming red dress that is perfectly showing her divine and glamorous curves.


Face trampling:

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Ebony Femdom Strapon

Black Strapon Femdom

Black strapon femdom severe punishment seems like natural femdom fantasy for many men. But once you find yourself in that position,it is real question will you be sorry for ever thinking about something like that. Before answering to this question, you should better go through black strapon femdom photos below. I am sure that this white boy will think twice before finding himself into situation where he is about to get black strapon femdom in his ass.

Best of all that in this humiliating strapon session everything is mostly black. Black dominatrix, black nylon pantyhose on her strong legs, black leather boots, black leather corset, black hair and of course black strapon femdom dildo. Only thing that is not so black is white lubricant that she is going to use. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to place this big black strapon femdom dildo inside slave’s tiny anal hole.  Anyway, Mistress picker her favorite place for strap on domination and that is dark atmosphere inside her personal femdom dungeon. It didn’t take much time from the moment slave is forced inside before he started receiving his dosage of femdom anal humiliation. As soon as she saw fear in his eyes, black Mistress was even more motivated to start brutal anal fucking. She ordered slave to bend over heather table and spread his legs. He was resisting at the beginning but we all know that is completely useless once you find yourself in that situation. Did I mention that slave had to give her a blowjob before he is fucked in his ass? Beside humiliating him more this way, there is a very practical side of this. After sucking it, strapon will be wet from his saliva. This way, she is saving lubricants and it is only slave’s fault if it is not wet enough. “So better suck it hard bitch, this is for your own good”.

Black Strapon Femdom

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Golden Shower Humiliation

Golden Shower Humiliation

Golden shower humiliation. How these words sounds? Good enough so that every slave who hear them will shit their own pants since they knew what is coming and how they will be treated soon. This time, it is no different. Naked, on his knees and with leather mask over his face so he can’t breathe good, he is forced to take position inside Mistress’s toilet. To be more precise, in front of her toilet bowl. Since this sexy dominatrix is taking hygiene seriously, she don’t want to make her bowl dirty. Instead of using it, she will make this pathetic sub her personal toilet slave. It seems that this dominatrix have vas experience with golden showers and toilet slaves. She is dressed in that way so she can easily piss or shit if she need it. There is no complicated clothes that requires time to take off. Just a simple black PVC dress and high heels.

She is about to demonstrate him how effective this is. Once he was forced into proper position, Mistress ordered him to open his mouth. He better comply, otherwise he will get something ever worse then piss she is about to jizz. Her piss is pretty stinky since she was holding it for hours with one goal on her mind and that is to make all this extremely unpleasant for a slave.

Once his Goddess started pissing, you can clearly hear sound of piss going through his throat. Slave feels that he wants to puke but he mustn’t show that to the Mistress or he will face even more serious consequences. At this point, only question is : When this Mistress stopp with pissing and how much she was withholding inside her.

Golden Shower Humiliation:

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Lezdom Spanking

Mistress Spanking Schoolgirls

Mistress Spanking Schoolgirls is something you don’t see very often. Dominant teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella. 60 minutes of brutal and humiliating Mistress spanking schoolgirls.

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