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Best Sissy Training

Best sissy training is something that so many of you sissy slaves and the future femdom slaves are looking for. Depending on the domination style it is very hard to tell and recommend the best sissy training methods. As you are guessing, the different Dommes has approaches when it comes to the humiliation of sissy slaves. Some Mistresses are experts in the sissy fagot fetish while some are into the sissy hypno. Of course, you can deny that methods like own cum eating are very helpful but there is still a question which one is the most effective. 

With all this on my mind, I’ve decided to investigate this area. After browsing through tons of tutorials, top rated sissification websites and reviews I’ve found out that the beginner in the sissy addiction world will be more confused than before he tries to find the proper answer. So, the next logical step was to make a list of a free sissy trainer websites. Once I’ve finished this job I was still having a problem to pinpoint and recommend the best place and a training school for the male slaves. But just as every hard situation has a solution, it happened this time again. What I am trying to say is that between all the types of websites I’ve found one that is particularly useful and it is offering the best solution when it comes to online sissy training. I am talking about the very special website dedicated to online domination in the real-time and that means on the live cams. Continue reading this article to finally find out what is all about.

Best Sissy Training Info

best sissy training

Basically, instead of going through predefined femdom training instructions and tutorial that many sites are offering, I am suggesting to visit Femdom Live, the source of online humiliation and femdom slavery. Between tons of real Goddesses available for the live female supremacy private shows, there is a list of the top-rated sissy chat Girls experienced in sissification on webcam! This is a comprehensive top list of the best 10 girls with the profile photos that are ready to fulfill your darkest desires when it comes to this kind of fetish. 

I had a chance to be a witness to one of the private live sex chats with one of the young bitches there and all I can say is that it was spectacular. Even if we are talking about the free online chat with that girl. She made a fuck doll sub to become a real sissy swallow bitch! I can just imagine what happened later once she ordered him to get into the private femdom room with her. Anway,  I won’t waste your time here. Simply, prepare yourself for the new experience and get ready for some seriously kinky live femdom chat on webcam.

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Foot Domination


There’s an event called Spanish Foot Fetish, a very special foot fetish party in my country, Spain. Some people think should to be a kind of theoretical conference, even those who think it’s a simple sex orgy with some foot fetish. Well, neither one thing nor the other.

Already exist amazing BDSM parties in this country, swingers parties and other types of meetings with sexual connotations. But since always many foot fetishist have been divided into two groups; the fortunates that have found a couple who enjoy their fetish and those who have only been able to experience it by watching photos, videos or visiting a professional.

In some countries as Brazil, USA or England (I’ve talked about it), there’re a lot of private clubs that celebrate famous Foot Fetish parties. But these clubs, of course, are not for free, and usually, are organized with hired models.

The ‘Spanish Foot Fetish’ tries to normalize foot fetishism. It’s a celebration with non-commercial objective, nobody comes charging, where both men and women come to enjoy and have a good time, each in their own way. Actually, these kinds of clubs are a few in all the world, because it’s a hobby that almost everyone lives in solitude or in the anonymity of social networks.

I’ll try to explain it so that you have an idea of how the party unfolds. Imagine the stage: May 30, a village with swimming pool on a place called ‘Costa del Sol’ and a party that starts at 11 am. At first, we will see some beautiful girls sunbathing while some lucky fetishists work, with great delicacy, affection, and respect in giving them a good foot massage for their total relaxation. Even you can see one girl with 4-foot lovers around her, one for each foot and hand, but of course, each girl is in her right to choose with who and when she shares the experience. Just a simple “no, thank you” for male assistants to respect their decision. It’s about that everyone enjoys and no one feels minimally overwhelmed.

Some people have asked me about last edition party’s photos. That’s not possible because photos are not allowed in the common play area. Phones or similar devices are completely prohibited. Privacy must be respected to the utmost.

Special mention to the delicious ceremony knowed as “undertable”, a great success of the last edition. After an appealing barbecue, some people like to lie down on the floor, like human-carpets, to rest ladies’ feet on their bodies or faces. Even you can find people with changing roles; women who love male feet are also welcome.

To all this are added various cultural practices such as talks about fetishism, murals paints with women’s feet and some erotic toys demonstrations by a sexshop.

In the ‘Spanish Foot Fetish,’ you’ll see the biggest multitrampling session never seen. Allways trying to beat the record of the greatest human carpet. Trampling games, adoration, doing pedicures, giving massages and of course, interesting and most beautiful conversations about foot fetish theme.

After dinner, when all the attendees know each other well, the atmosphere becomes especially relaxed and everyone enjoys in large groups, reduced or couples according to their desire, as in any kind of party between good friends.

So what happens in an amateur foot fetish party? What everyone wants to happen. Some things are guaranteed: good atmosphere, respect, open-mindedness, fellowship and a wonderful meeting with people who share this exciting fetish.

Bye friends,


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Ass Sniffing Femdom

Ass sniffing femdom Goddess, sexy Domme Mischa really knows how to force a guy to smell her dominant ass. At the comfort, of her apartment, she will easily get what she wants. Mistress Mischa is totally aware that smelling her perfectly shaped ass is a privilege. This slave knows that the scent of her ass is always considered a reward, and if he is to have the luxury of being trapped under her ample ass with his nose wedged between her ass cheeks then he should expect some discomfort. 

But the best part, at least as I am concerned is the one where redhead facesitting Mistress is using elements of cock and ball torture, to force him to act in a way she wants. You know, is hard to be under someone’s ass because you are left without air after a while. This means slower reaction time and that can only result in irritation and a Mistress getting mad. So she found a very good way to keep ass sniffing tempo that fits her best and that will keep her satisfied. What is it?

Every time when she doesn’t feel enough sniffing under her sexy ass, Goddess Mischa will squeeze slave’s groins until the pain motivates him to sniff it harder. This is a very good and useful torture method just like every other pain stimulation. After few times and with his balls squeezed hard, a sub started sniffing that butt like he should from the beginning. At that point, Mistress started looking at him with an obvious contempt. Just look at the third photo below. Still, without much talking, Mistress Mischa keep getting what she wants and that is relaxing feeling of having someone sniffing her ass. Facesitting fetishists are probably enjoying this especially if you are into sexy and young redhead Mistresses.

Ass sniffing femdom photos:

redhead mistress smothering slave facesitting ass smothering ass sniffing femdom redhead femdom goddess

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Futanari Muscle Girls

Are you into muscle girl futanari? A unique porn niche featuring muscular women with big tits and really huge dicks! Futanari refers to a woman with feminine and masculine traits and nothing captures that better than the female bodybuilders on Muscle Girl Flix. Whether you are into female domination or just love to look at big tits and huge dicks they have you covered at Muscle Girl Flix. It’s not for everyone but it’s certainly worth a look!

Watch Muscle Girl Futanari Videos Now

[See image gallery at]

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Mistress Ella Kross Squirting

Femdom squirting is a very specific fetish and something that is really hard to find. Luckily, I’ve managed to get some great pics and share them here If you are asking yourself who is this goddess that is clearly enjoying what she is doing, her name is Mistress Ella Kross. 

This is not the first time that I am looking at her photos and videos but it is definitely the first that I am seeing her squirting. Maybe it was not on her mind when she started this facesitting session but the slave behaved so well that eventually, she came all over his face. I would say that much effort and training has to be invested to make a good pussy licking machine from a sub. Obviously, Mistress Ella Kross know what she is doing and how to get it. 

The most important thing is to make a slave completely helpless and unable to move. This way, Mistress is forcing him to absolutely obey her orders. You know, you need to really try that feeling of being unable to move, to properly understand what I am talking about. Once you are there, you will do whatever it takes to please a goddess that will finally set you free. This is exactly the method Mistress Ella is using. She is brutally forcing the slave to massage her pussy while she is sitting on his face. She is very persuasive and easily getting what she wants. One thing leads to another and after few minutes of brutal facesitting and pussy massage, we are looking at femdom squirting epilog. My favorite photo is the last one where you can clearly see small drops of her vaginal juice going won his PVC mask. Of course, that is just a small part of what she ejaculated, and the rest ended inside slave’s throat.

Femdom squirting:

femdom facesitting mistress
Mistress Ella Kross
femdom squirtung
pussy licking femdom

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Ella Kross Facesitting

Ella Kross facesitting is the sight to remember. Besides her huge experience in ass domination and slave humiliation, these photos look great because of her perfectly shaped body. I would say that Misstress Ella Kross knows very well how important is to constantly be in the good shape. It helps her seduce men more easily and also giving her necessary strengths for a long facesitting session. And this is one of those long sessions with one goal and that is to please a Mistress.

Just look at Ella Kross facesitting photos below and the expression on her face. Clearly, she really enjoys having slave’s tongue stuck deep inside her dominant pussy. But to get to this level of quality service, it takes some time, training and preparation. This is the reason why a slave is wrapped inside a plastic. Basically, he is helpless and there is no way that he can move or resist. This saves a lot of energy for a Mistress that can concentrate on her pure pleasure. 

And how well that goes it is clear from the last photo below. Look of that clear jizz of a vaginal liquid that ends all over slave’s face. The best part is that a slave will have to drink all that squirt since he has no choice and can’t move. It seems that this was the idea from the beginning on something that places a firm smile on Mistresse’s face. Personally, I believe that this is one of the best femdom facesitting sessions I’ve seen recently, at least regarding my taste. We don’t see Dommes squirting very often and usually, it ends just with a slave humiliation while we can clearly see the Mistress having an orgasm.

Anyway, bookmark this site, since there are some great outdoors face sitting session co9ming in next few days. 

Ella Kross facesitting photos:

femdom facesitting
ella kross facesitting
femdom squirt

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Rubber Slave Humiliation

Rubber slave humiliation is based on the combination of two fetishes, rubber, and femdom. Today’s photos are coming from one of those rare sessions where slave dressed in rubber costume is dragged around and humiliation. But things are getting even better when you take a look at the photos and see that everything is done outside, on the fresh air. I guess it would be too much to put so many people in one room and dungeon considering that three femdom goddesses are involved in a session. So the girls decided to take him out and give him a good exercise.

You know, when you have a human animal servant available at disposal, it is a normal thing that sometimes you take them out without a warning. But this time, things are going to be a little bit different. Mistress Sidonia Von Bork proposed to two other dommes that they dress him in a rubber costume. This way he is going to breathe harder and everything will be different than usually. Of course, such a good proposition was immediately accepted to other two Mistresses.

Luckily, Mistress T had a perfect human pony costume so the rubber slave was on ready for his task in basically no time. This is going to be his longest ride since all three goddesses want to enjoy some riding today. Unfortunately for a slave, he will have to obey to that.  Otherwise he can be punished much worse (with a painful ballbusting, for example). Considering the experience that these three goddesses have in female domination, I can bet that they can come up with something even worse!

Anyway, if you are a genuine fetish lover and looking for more kinky stuff, I will use this opportunity to recommend to check sites listed on Porndabster where you can find more good fetish content.

Rubber slave photos:

rubber femdom rubber slave Mistress T

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Strong Muscle Girls

Recently, I’ve have noticed many emails coming with one thing in common. People that wrote them are looking for the info about strong, dominant and muscular females. The best part is that some of them are really shy and they are avoiding to directly ask what are they looking for. I guess that they are still not aware that they just discovered themselves and a new fetish. How I see it, it is fine, I understand them completely. Actually, it is a good approach to be shy because once they meet muscular girls in person, they will have to be silent and obedient anyway. Because of those people, I’ve prepared an interesting photo gallery of some of the sexiest and strongest women. Luckily, I’ve found a site completely dedicated to this fetish. So, do you love girls with muscle and big fake tits? Muscle Girl Flix is full of hot muscle girl porn that is sure to give your mouse a workout! Female bodybuilders, fitness models and buff bikini girls are getting nude and having XXX fun. Get unlimited streaming and unlimited access to hundreds of female muscle porn videos all in HD!

[See image gallery at]

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Cock Torture

Using Ball Stretchers is Cock and Ball Torture

balls strechers
Balls Stretching Torture

A popular form of BDSM is penis torture or cock and ball torture. A great tool that many enjoy using in this type of torture is focused on the balls. A Ball stretcher is a sex toy that stretches the ball sack and pulls the testicles away from the body. This can come with some pain, but it also causes pleasure to the person wearing it. How much pain or pleasure depends on which type of ball stretcher you use. Some men find it enjoyable to have heavy, swinging balls. Others prefer the benefit of longer and more intense orgasms.  A split collar ball stretcher is made from metal and comes in assorted weights. You must have a hex key to take it off. Other types available are Parachutes, Solid Rings, Ball Bags, Humblers (made from wood), and Vacuum Pumps.

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Femdom dominatrix

femdom dominatrix

As you know, this site is regularly updated with many different female domination videos and photos. Usually on the daily basis. Still, after all these years, we are getting emails where people are asking us how they can find a dominatrix. This means that even it seems logical, some of you guys are having a problem to find a real dominatrix. If you are one of those guys, don’t worry, there is an ideal solution for your problem. Here at femdom updates, we did a research and picked up some of the best femdom dating services. We are talking about the Sin City Experience. That is the place where your dreams finally can become reality and you will keep your privacy at the same time. Sounds good? 

Just wait to see a big choice of Mistresses there. We are sure you will find what you are looking for. Blonde dominatrix, black ones, redhead, brunettes. All girls are experienced, sexy and ready to get you into the real world of female domination. We are talking about stuff you were seeing here on our site, and now you can feel it for real. But before you go, you should be warned. These sexy and hot femdom bitches are cruel, kinky and they really enjoy torturing men so you should be very careful when picking your favorite BDSM fantasy. We suggest to visit this site first, browse it, check Mistress’s profiles and then make a decision. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. 

If you want to hear our advice and recommendation about the girls there, there are few that are a really brilliant choice. Of course, it still depends on the personal taste but who can resist to a young and gentle looking blonde femdom mistress in latex like it is gorgeous Mistress Denise, specialized in femdom dungeon and fetish male humiliation? 



CFNM Sites

Some people asked me if there were any new CFNM sites. Well, I don’t know of any recent ones, unfortunately. I guess not enough ppl are buying CFNM porn? That’s hard to imagine, it’s the best kind of porn… don’t you agree? 😉

Either way, if you want a more or less complete list of CFNM porn sites and reviews, check here: CFNM sites. These guys generally keep track of the new sites, so it might be worth visiting from time to time.

And of course come back to CFNM Life too, we will add any new CFNM porn sites that we hear about. If you have info about some new good ones, let us know!

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Young Mistress

Young Mistress or being punished and abused or tortured by a young girl is a frequent fantasy for many pathetic men. Don’t pretend because here at Femdom Destiny,  you don’t have to.  If you are one of them, then you will enjoy young Mistress photos below and you can also easily get more young bitches from now on.

Being dominated by a young girl is a kind of real taboo even in the dark world of female domination. If she looks like this brunette goddess on photos, then you can definitely consider the lucky person. Just being under her command is a really valuable experience. Not that you can brag about, but serving a cute girl is something that slave won’t forget, ever. Maybe she is not so cruel as older Dommes but from we can see on young femdom gallery below, it is just matter of time when this brunette mistress will get things one the higher level.

Until then, spitting, choking, whipping  and foot dom trampling are just fine. This young girl looks like a real Dominatrix. You can see her graceful attitude as soon as she undressed and changed her everyday outfit. It seems that she decided to bring this guy to her house when here parents are not here. What would they say if they know that their cute schoolgirl is actually a kinky dominatrix? At some point, they will maybe find out but until then, we should enjoy young Mistress female domination photos. Dominant brunette is dressed in tight black shorts and sexy high heels. She is a tall and handsome bitch and it seems that she really know how to enjoy having older guy kneeling in front of her. Just look at her serious face while she is spitting directly inside his mouth.

Young Mistress Femdom Photos:

[See image gallery at]


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Femdom Facesitting

Femdom facesitting might look like the simple thing to do but is it actually requires a lot of skills and knowledge. If you want to properly and effectively smother a slave, you need to practice all the time. Smart girls know this rule and they are picking every possible chance to improve their femdom facesitting skills. This time is no different. You are about to see how a young femdom dominatrix is forcing her slave into the submissive position where she can smother him hard.

Before she managed to sit on his face, a slave has to be convinced that letting Goddess sit on his face is the best thing he can do to help himself. And that was not so hard. Mistress had a big whip at her disposal so she started whipping him hard. The pain was extensive and after such experience, facesitting humiliation will look like the good solution. That means he won’t resist to smothering even if he stays without air. Young femdom goddess is wearing nylon tan pantyhose that is helping her ass to slide upside down, all over his ugly and pathetic face. She won’t take them down just like she won’t get out from her black leather boots. 

Regarding my opinion, what is making this exclusive femdom smothering session so good is actually the location where it is done. Young dominatrix decided to do all this outside her home. Just imagine what was going through this guy’s stupid head when he knows that someone could see him in this humiliation position. And not to mention wearing silly panties that this young goddess ordered him to wear. 


Femdom facesitting photos: 

[See image gallery at]  

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Young Mistress Femdom

Young Mistress Femdom torture can’t get any better than this. Considering that this girl is pretty young, she is doing really great things here. Most important is that she picked a proper space where she will be torturing a femdom slave. it looks like a hidden old garage that is reorganized in the kind of femdom dungeon.

Once everything is set there, young mistress in black leather boots locked her slave in the special torture device she already had prepared for him. From this, you can see that this young mistress is actually an experienced femdom dominatrix and that this not her first time doing something like this. 

Once slave put his ugly head and hands inside it, he became totally helpless in front of this young woman. At that point, he finally figured out his wasted position and that he absolutely depends on Mistress’s mercy. In this position, he can be subjected to any kind of femdom torture that this dominatrix pick. Even if the first association to this position is strapon femdom torture, young dominatrix decided to make him suffer in a different way. She thinks that harsh whipping and canning are the perfect solutions for him and I would say that she in right after looking at this free femdom torture photo gallery. 

Young Mistress Femdom Photos:

[See image gallery at]


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Young Femdom

Young femdom humiliation is something that not so easy to find online. That is why we want from you to appreciate today’s update. Of course, if you are into teen femdom sub-niche and you love watching young girls dominating their slaves.

In the free young femdom photo gallery below, you can see two gorgeous and young dommes abusing two male slaves. These bitches are really young but that doesn’t mean that they are not fitted to handle these guys correctly. On the contrary,their domination style is great and pretty advanced. After looking at these pictures, you must ask yourself what they will be doing to men when they become more experienced? 

The girls are dressed sexy and to tease. High heels and very short skirts. Both of them have beautiful and handsome bodies just like most young girls. Actually, when watching these photos, you are not sure where to watch, in their butts or their hot legs. At the beginning, they ordered guys to stand in front of them so they can take a better look and decide how to continue. Before undressing  them down, young femdom Mistresses ordered them to do some exercises so they can check are guys in shape.

Young Femdom photos: 

[See image gallery at] Simply, girls want to check how durable they are. Once they see that guy are in shape, girls decided to order them to continue doing exercises while they started hitting and brutally whipping them. Hard Brutal hits are echoing room. They can clearly hear how guys are slowly starting to loose they strength and breathe. Young dommes allowed them a small rest before they proceed. But that doesn’t mean that they will stop with their femdom humiliation. Actually, they used these short moments to give them to lick their dirty boots. They can’t go back to school with dirty shoes, right?


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Breath Control Femdom

Breath control is a very nice thing. We all need to breathe, that’s why we live. To reduce or control someone’s breathing means to control his life! So let’s take a look oh Lady Melisa is doing this to her slave.

I think this is something completely new and personally. I ‘ve never seen breath control femdom like this. The pathetic guy is sitting on a chair and his hands are bound on the arm-rests, unable to move or to escape. Mistress grab and torture his breasts and then she start to hand smother him. Slave mumbles under her hand areas and she I just let him breathe as his head gets red. Lady Melissa also smothers him with her sexy and dominant ass and he has to take it all…

Breath Control Video:

[This post contains video, click to play]


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Humiliation CFNM

Femdom Schoolgirls

Femdom schoolgirls are the kinkiest and nastiest type of young and dominant girls. Sure, no one is expecting that girls in this age are cruel dommes but there is no doubt that these two femdom schoolgirls will become that in the coming years. Logic is pretty simple, if they are feeling comfortable to humiliate men at this age, you can just imagine how they will treat them in the future.

Anyway, this guy was so naive that he thought that these girls are calling him to have sex with him. At least he was hoping to put his pathetic dick in some pussy, finally. Unfortunately for him, young femdom bitches had something else on their kinky minds. Of course that they never planned to fuck this fucktard. Why would girls that are so sexy even think about letting him fuck her? Instead, everything that he has an interest is real life femdom humiliation.

And he can bet, this is about to become real. Once he starts feeling girl’s finger inside in his tight anus, it will be too late already. Even is this guy is stronger than two mistresses, he won’t be able to resist. Not only because of a shock coming from anal femdom fingering but also because the second girl is keeping his legs high in the air. This way he can’t move and another schoolgirl can finger him without obstacles. After the humiliating session like this one, I am sure that this horny guy won’t be so horny anymore. Now, it is a question will these two teen femdom girls talk around the school what happened here or they will keep his humiliation as the secret. Well, who knows, maybe they will blackmail him and force into some more humiliating sessions.

Femdom Schoolgirls fingering ass:

[See image gallery at]



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Sado-Ladies Photos

Sado Ladies is the website dedicated to ….well, the name says already, sadistic and cruel girls. Here at Femdom Slaves, we got the opportunity to show you some of the best photos coming from Sado-Ladies website. This is not a specific photo gallery. It is more like the mixture of some that we liked most. Below you can see them mixed together. It is important to know that they are picked randomly. Web site so big like the Sado Ladies is impossible to browse in a short time period, and we didn’t have enough time for a more detailed search.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that these pics are bad or something like that, but they are just mixed and you can see various femdom fetishes. Of course, for higher quality together with HD videos, you will have to visit this site. Anyway, we wanted to warn you that one you are there, you will be stuck for a while. With hundreds and regularly updated videos and photos, this site is probably one of the best online in this moment. Of course ,in female domination niche. What we liked is that you can basically find everything you want from a femdom website. Except for scat, pissing, and castration, all other painful and humiliating videos and photos are there.

Sado-Ladies photos:

[See image gallery at]



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Big Strapon Femdom In Kitchen

Big strapon femdom fucking at the kitchen is something that came spontaneously for Mistress Mona Wales. But why it started, was there some reason? Well,  the whole house falls to shit, bringing forth magical MONA WALES to the rescue. She appears, a little devil over Mike’s shoulders, and let’s loose a hurricane of shame on him for being so sloppy. Mona spanks him over her knees with a wooden spoon, sploshes him with food, and downright punches his guts. In his own kitchen. But that is only the beginning. Once she showed him big strapon, it was clear that everything that happened until now is just a child’s game.

This is how exploiting of femdom slave should look like. But, as every Mistress would agree, the session is not complete if the slave is not left in pain and humiliation. Is there a better way than to stick big strapon inside his ass? Well, maybe some cock and balls torture would be more painful. But today, Mistress Mona Wales feels like it is a perfect day for a strapon domination. It didn’t take much before brutal strapon pegging started.

Once she is equipped and armed with her favorite big strapon, they then move to the filthy living room where she fucks him up the ass then shoves her hand up inside him and orders him around, fist-first, as he cleans up the place like a little meat puppet. He does eventually get close to her pussy–or rather, his tongue does, which she exploits to get herself off over and over again before.

Below, you will see the photo gallery from this strapon domination session. There is also strapon video session available in the member zone of Divine Bitches, one of the greatest female domination website. Did you know that they are now part of incredibly huge Kink network? Check it out.


[See image gallery at]


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BDSM Contacts

So what happened recently is that I’ve started getting many emails from femdom BDSM fetish lovers, asking the same question all over again. The question is logical, but it seems that many people are somehow missing the answer. What I am trying to say that visitors here are asking how they can get in touch and be engaged in the BDSM relationship. I will try to now answer with the simplest answer possible. 

Considering that most of the visitors are not really ready to go out and try to find what they are looking for in the proper clubs, some smart people created a solution. I am talking about the special website for finding BDSM partners. Just one thing, this site is not dedicated only to the femdom stuff. On the contrary, you can please most of your SM desires and fetishes. Browsing and finding what you want is very simple and logical. Before you go there, one more thing that you should know. This website is dedicated to the people from the United Kingdom. I promise that I will soon find sites covering other countries but this shouldn’t stop you checking out how things work there.


BDSM contacts

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