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Femdom Cams

Femdom Cams are probably the most advanced way to satisfy your need for a femdom humiliation today. People into this type of fetish says that this is the closest you can get to the real live female supremacy experience. No wonder that there are so many sites around offering to put you in contact with the live dominatrix on cam. But the trick is that most of those Mistress cams sites are total crap and they are usually a dead end. This can be very frustrating if you are having an urge for a fetish chat what will transform to the total frustration.

With all this on our minds, we did a real research and comparison of the top ranked female domination websites dedicated to cam shows and online humiliation. After reviewing some of the top ranked pages in this specific female domination niche, we can freely say that most of them are total crap, just as we thought. Luckily, this is not where our story ends. There is a very specific and high-quality online femdom website that has everything you really need when it comes to the slave training and domination on cam. 

Femdom Cams – the best humiliation site

femdom cams

Basically, in the photo above, you are looking at the one part of Femdom Live where you can get into the free chat and female supremacy chat rooms. But what makes this site to be different than the other live fetish websites on this subject is the plenty of options and educational articles available for free. You can learn about the basic rules of how to behave in front of the live Mistress so we suggest to read it. There is some really fantastic dominatrix cams top lists. That means that you can easily see the best Dommes in the categories like dominant blondes, brunettes, BBW, redheads, young, strapon etc. We would say that here you will find all you are expecting from the femdom BDSM cams. That includes live cam girls experienced in the jerk off instructions, CEI fetish, financial domination, SPH (small penis humiliation), ballbusting and even a blackmail!

Anyway, this is the really valuable resource for fem dom cams that you should bookmark, especially if you are already deep into the cam shows and you know how hard can be to find a serious Goddess on cam. 


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Young Femdom

Young femdom humiliation is something that not so easy to find online. That is why we want from you to appreciate today’s update. Of course, if you are into teen femdom sub-niche and you love watching young girls dominating their slaves.

In the free young femdom photo gallery below, you can see two gorgeous and young dommes abusing two male slaves. These bitches are really young but that doesn’t mean that they are not fitted to handle these guys correctly. On the contrary,their domination style is great and pretty advanced. After looking at these pictures, you must ask yourself what they will be doing to men when they become more experienced? 

The girls are dressed sexy and to tease. High heels and very short skirts. Both of them have beautiful and handsome bodies just like most young girls. Actually, when watching these photos, you are not sure where to watch, in their butts or their hot legs. At the beginning, they ordered guys to stand in front of them so they can take a better look and decide how to continue. Before undressing  them down, young femdom Mistresses ordered them to do some exercises so they can check are guys in shape.

Young Femdom photos: 

[See image gallery at] Simply, girls want to check how durable they are. Once they see that guy are in shape, girls decided to order them to continue doing exercises while they started hitting and brutally whipping them. Hard Brutal hits are echoing room. They can clearly hear how guys are slowly starting to loose they strength and breathe. Young dommes allowed them a small rest before they proceed. But that doesn’t mean that they will stop with their femdom humiliation. Actually, they used these short moments to give them to lick their dirty boots. They can’t go back to school with dirty shoes, right?


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Humiliation CFNM

Femdom Schoolgirls

Femdom schoolgirls are the kinkiest and nastiest type of young and dominant girls. Sure, no one is expecting that girls in this age are cruel dommes but there is no doubt that these two femdom schoolgirls will become that in the coming years. Logic is pretty simple, if they are feeling comfortable to humiliate men at this age, you can just imagine how they will treat them in the future.

Anyway, this guy was so naive that he thought that these girls are calling him to have sex with him. At least he was hoping to put his pathetic dick in some pussy, finally. Unfortunately for him, young femdom bitches had something else on their kinky minds. Of course that they never planned to fuck this fucktard. Why would girls that are so sexy even think about letting him fuck her? Instead, everything that he has an interest is real life femdom humiliation.

And he can bet, this is about to become real. Once he starts feeling girl’s finger inside in his tight anus, it will be too late already. Even is this guy is stronger than two mistresses, he won’t be able to resist. Not only because of a shock coming from anal femdom fingering but also because the second girl is keeping his legs high in the air. This way he can’t move and another schoolgirl can finger him without obstacles. After the humiliating session like this one, I am sure that this horny guy won’t be so horny anymore. Now, it is a question will these two teen femdom girls talk around the school what happened here or they will keep his humiliation as the secret. Well, who knows, maybe they will blackmail him and force into some more humiliating sessions.

Femdom Schoolgirls fingering ass:

[See image gallery at]



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Humiliation Cuckold

Ebony Cuckold

Ebony cuckold femdom humiliation video that you simply must see. If you are into black girls and ebony cuckold fetish, this video is for you. Be prepared for some bisex bwlojobs: The doctor is in. In your wife’s pussy that is. Nikki Darling’s husband has a tiny dick that is completely useless. In search of big cock satisfaction, Nikki takes her husband to the doctor’s office for some necessary medical intervention. Nikki’s husband is tied to the gyno table with medical straps, locked in chastity and made to watch while his wife takes the doctor’s big cock deep inside her wet cunt. He is then made to taste his wife’s cum on the doctor’s dick. Pussy juice and cum drip on his face and there is nothing he can do about it while he watches his wife have orgasm after orgasm on another man’s cock.

Ebony Cuckold:

[This post contains video, click to play]



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Femdom Whore

Femdom whore teasing

Femdom whore, you’ve fantasized about being a sissy and getting fucked up the ass, but the furthest you’ve gone is stick your finger up your ass in your lonely little apartment. You’ve written Bijou asking to be pegged, but she’s declined. You gotta prove yourself worthy of being a whore! You gotta show you are willing to degrade yourself in any fashion necessary to fulfill your depraved dreams. What you’re gonna do is get a tube of lipstick and cake your mouth with it. Then you’re gonna take that tube of lipstick and cake your ass with it. You’re gonna be painted red on both ends, as any good slut should be. And then, you can christen your “pussy” with a foreign object other than your thumb: That fucking tube of lipstick. Yes, whore. Fuck yourself with that red lipstick. And if you can get hard from that, then maybe you are worthy of being Bijou’s whore.




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Femdom Humiliation

Leather boots fetish

Leather boots fetish can be so strong that you can’t simply resist when you see a female in leather boots. It doesn’t matter if she is young or mature, when you see those sexy boots you can’t simply stop staring at them. But hat will happen if that lady notice what you are doing? Well, it depends on her. Some are going to ignore you, some will try to run away thinking that you are the maniac, and some can try to take advantage of that situation. This is exactly what this young girl did.

She saw pathetic guy drooling behind her so she decided to seduce him. She slowed down her walk so he can look at those boots more easy. Just enough to make him even more horny and to loose his concentration for other things. That made him easy target even if he is not aware of that, yet. This is exactly what this young but kinky girl in boots wants to accomplish. Actually, she have one great idea on her mind and that is to bring him home where he will have to lick and worship her sweaty feet. Will she make it? Well, if you are boots worship fetish lover, you already know the answer.

Femdom Fetish:

[See image gallery at]



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Femdom Bride

Femdom Bride
Femdom Bride

Femdom bride knows that love is blind! This old man really thought that the young and beautiful Chanel has married him because she loves him although he has been warned by his friend. This woman is perfidious! The wedding night open his eyes but it’s too late now!

He leads his young wife into the room but there is no kiss for him. “Now, I will tell you why I married you?”, Chanel says with an arrogant voice and her finger points down to the floor. “But first, you will go down on your knees!”, she commands the old man down. “From now on, you will be my personal slave. That means you will do everything I say! And we immediately start: You will lick my shoes now!”

What else can he do? He is so deep under her spell that he bows down and starts cleaning the expensive sandals of his young wife. Chanel smiles at herself as she watches the old man down at her feet. That is his place and a beautiful life is waiting for her…




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Femdom Smoking Teasing

Femdom smoking teasing is one of easiest and always accessible femdom method and that is a reason why these two very young and dominant girls decided it to use it during their pause at school. It is fairly simple, you go out, take cigarettes and get closest guy that you see. After some verbal teasing, slave will get his order to go on his knees and from that moment, humiliation can start.

It seems like the girls need your mouth. Not for anything sexual mind you, but more as a place to deposit their waste. In this case cigarette ash as cute and young bitches Anastasia and Lyra enjoy a smoke and casually use your mouth as their personal ashtray. We can bet that this morning when slave was going out from his home, last thing that was on his mind was that he will end on his knees, humiliated and with ash inside his mouth. He is about to become something what all dommes call ” human ashtray”.

[See image gallery at]



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Schoolgirls Milking Cock

Schoolgirls milking cock is a scene that we all would like to see and this is our chance to see how young girls are reacting when they see cock for the first time. They are not alone, black dominatrix is the one who is leading this humiliating femdom session,while young bitches are laughing and getting their first experience with male ejaculation.

This is really good step in their current education. If they learn what are male weaknesses while they are young it will help them to be better dominate once they are ready to independently get into the world of female domination. From what we can see in these free schoolgirls milking cock gallery below, it can happen very soon.

[See image gallery at]



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Humiliation Uncategorized

Handjob in Dungeon

Sexy dark haired dominatrix, in leather boots is smothering her slave. While his tongue must be on her ass, she is stroking his cock until he is ready to cum. What do you think will she give him that pleasure?



Femdom Humiliation

Bisexual Rubberdoll Slave

Strict femdom mistress Susi is toying with the rubber doll as she has a friend she wants him to play with. Mistress  instructs her bisexual slave on how best to suck the rubber doll’s cock before getting them to switch places so that the doll can return the favour.

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Sensual Executive Seductress

Check out this 5 minute long teasing video of gorgeous seductress, Dominatrix Annabelle, this time teasing you in her office. It will take few seconds more to load, but it is definitely worth. Oh, the connotations of this Office look are endless! The BITCH from hell! Demanding! Her office junior must produce results!

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Femdom Humiliation

Mistress Chanel in Pantyhose

German Mistress Chanel hates old men but as slaves for the young lady they are perfect. “Come here, I want to smoke!”, she says with an arrogant voice and an old slaves appears, kneeling down in front of the young but mean Mistress. Dominatrix Chanel looks so stunning in her tight and ultra short dress that shows of her perfect pantyhose legs and breasts.

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Golden Shower Humiliation

A real treat here as Lady Juliette and her sexy female friend in black nylon stockings give their slave a golden shower. Using handheld cameras we witness the slave getting drenched from a mistress’s point of view. Incredible femdom humiliation idea.



Femdom Humiliation CFNM

Humiliation in Office

Naive, young and naked, this stupid guy is completely humiliated by three really sexy and fully clothed girls,in his new office. Teasing, verbal abusing and other things that three sexy mistresses did, made him cum in front of them while they were laughing to him.




Boots Licking Humiliation


From the moment this guy saw his boss coming dressed like a real dominant bitch, he knew what will happen after working hours. Actually, session started even before all people leaved their office because Mistress R’eal simply don’t give a fuck will someone see how she is humiliating this stupid slave. Slave is controlled by chain attached around his neck and forced to lick her sexy leather boots, while petite and busty goddess with huge tits is giving him orders.




Men Humiliated Under Shower

Mistress Kirsty is perfectly aware that as a documentary reporter conducting an on-camera interview, people will readily follow her lead – especially sportsmen. They don’t want to appear stupid. So she takes full advantage of the situation inspecting these boxers as closely as she wants. The startled lean and muscular men can only gape and wonder as she takes command of their naked bodies.




Masturbation Instructions Video

Sexy and young, redhead beauty domme, Jenny Smith wants you to do exactly as you are told and only wank when she gives you permission!

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Masturbation Humiliation

Sexy MILF Raven took advantage of a young boy and had him strip and wank for her. She wants to get him to do it again but this time she is planning to video it so all her girl friends can watch it. When he arrives he is reluctant to embarrass himself again but when Raven starts stripping off as an incentive, he soon finds himself naked again with a throbbing erection. He starts beating his meat for her as she grabs her phone and presses record . . capturing him wanking and cumming so she can show her friends later!

Tease Until He Cum

Sexy Mistress Harry Amelia  is moisturizing her naked body after a bath when she runs out. Just then she realizes someone is watching from her cupboard and she discovers her new flatmate perving on her! She is very annoyed but then spots an opportunity. As he is here anyway, he can carry on wanking and fill her pot up with his spunk – after all, it’s supposed to be good for the skin! She strips off and shows her sexy ass and pert tits and the horny boy soon cum a load of spunk into her pot. She then sends him out so she can start rubbing it into her skin!

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