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Dominatrix Cams

Dominatrix Cams are probably the best way to satisfy your need for a femdom humiliation if you are already missing your own Domme. Men in this type of fetish state that this is the closest you can get to the real femdom mistress experience. It is not a surprise that there are so many websites around offering to get you in contact with the webcam dominatrix. But the deal is that most of those cruel femdom fetish cams sites are total crap and they are mostly a dead end for the person searching. This can be very frustrating if you are having an urge for a fetish chat what will transform to the total frustration.

With all this on our minds, we did a real analysis and judgment of the best female domination websites dedicated to cam shows and live mistress video chat. After reviewing some of the top ranked pages in this specific female domination niche, we can freely say that most of them are total crap, just as we thought. Luckily, this is not where our story stops. There is a very specific and high quality live femdom site that has everything you really need when it comes to the BDSM cams and domination on cam. 

Dominatrix cams best website

dominatrix cams

Essentially, in the pic above, you are watching on the one part of Femdom Live where you can get into the free chat and cam to cam female domination chat rooms. But what makes this website to be different than the other mistress cams sites on this subject is the plenty of choices and instructional articles available for free. You can learn about the basic rules of how to serve and obey live Mistress, so we suggest to read it. There is some really fantastic dominatrix cams top lists. That means that you can easily see the best Dommes in the categories like dominant blondes, brunettes, BBW, redheads, young, strapon etc. We would say that here you will find all you are expecting from the femdom BDSM cams. That includes live cam girls experienced in the jerk off instructions, CEI fetish, financial domination, SPH (small penis humiliation), ballbusting and even a blackmail!

Anyway, this is the really valuable resource femdom cams s that you should bookmark, especially if you are already deep into dominatrix cams and you know how hard can be to find a serious cam dominatrix or webcam Mistress.

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Mistress Ella Kross Squirting

Femdom squirting is a very specific fetish and something that is really hard to find. Luckily, I’ve managed to get some great pics and share them here If you are asking yourself who is this goddess that is clearly enjoying what she is doing, her name is Mistress Ella Kross. 

This is not the first time that I am looking at her photos and videos but it is definitely the first that I am seeing her squirting. Maybe it was not on her mind when she started this facesitting session but the slave behaved so well that eventually, she came all over his face. I would say that much effort and training has to be invested to make a good pussy licking machine from a sub. Obviously, Mistress Ella Kross know what she is doing and how to get it. 

The most important thing is to make a slave completely helpless and unable to move. This way, Mistress is forcing him to absolutely obey her orders. You know, you need to really try that feeling of being unable to move, to properly understand what I am talking about. Once you are there, you will do whatever it takes to please a goddess that will finally set you free. This is exactly the method Mistress Ella is using. She is brutally forcing the slave to massage her pussy while she is sitting on his face. She is very persuasive and easily getting what she wants. One thing leads to another and after few minutes of brutal facesitting and pussy massage, we are looking at femdom squirting epilog. My favorite photo is the last one where you can clearly see small drops of her vaginal juice going won his PVC mask. Of course, that is just a small part of what she ejaculated, and the rest ended inside slave’s throat.

Femdom squirting:

femdom facesitting mistress
Mistress Ella Kross
femdom squirtung
pussy licking femdom

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Strong Muscle Girls

Recently, I’ve have noticed many emails coming with one thing in common. People that wrote them are looking for the info about strong, dominant and muscular females. The best part is that some of them are really shy and they are avoiding to directly ask what are they looking for. I guess that they are still not aware that they just discovered themselves and a new fetish. How I see it, it is fine, I understand them completely. Actually, it is a good approach to be shy because once they meet muscular girls in person, they will have to be silent and obedient anyway. Because of those people, I’ve prepared an interesting photo gallery of some of the sexiest and strongest women. Luckily, I’ve found a site completely dedicated to this fetish. So, do you love girls with muscle and big fake tits? Muscle Girl Flix is full of hot muscle girl porn that is sure to give your mouse a workout! Female bodybuilders, fitness models and buff bikini girls are getting nude and having XXX fun. Get unlimited streaming and unlimited access to hundreds of female muscle porn videos all in HD!

[See image gallery at]

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Femdom dominatrix

femdom dominatrix

As you know, this site is regularly updated with many different female domination videos and photos. Usually on the daily basis. Still, after all these years, we are getting emails where people are asking us how they can find a dominatrix. This means that even it seems logical, some of you guys are having a problem to find a real dominatrix. If you are one of those guys, don’t worry, there is an ideal solution for your problem. Here at femdom updates, we did a research and picked up some of the best femdom dating services. We are talking about the Sin City Experience. That is the place where your dreams finally can become reality and you will keep your privacy at the same time. Sounds good? 

Just wait to see a big choice of Mistresses there. We are sure you will find what you are looking for. Blonde dominatrix, black ones, redhead, brunettes. All girls are experienced, sexy and ready to get you into the real world of female domination. We are talking about stuff you were seeing here on our site, and now you can feel it for real. But before you go, you should be warned. These sexy and hot femdom bitches are cruel, kinky and they really enjoy torturing men so you should be very careful when picking your favorite BDSM fantasy. We suggest to visit this site first, browse it, check Mistress’s profiles and then make a decision. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. 

If you want to hear our advice and recommendation about the girls there, there are few that are a really brilliant choice. Of course, it still depends on the personal taste but who can resist to a young and gentle looking blonde femdom mistress in latex like it is gorgeous Mistress Denise, specialized in femdom dungeon and fetish male humiliation? 



Young Mistress

Young Mistress or being punished and abused or tortured by a young girl is a frequent fantasy for many pathetic men. Don’t pretend because here at Femdom Destiny,  you don’t have to.  If you are one of them, then you will enjoy young Mistress photos below and you can also easily get more young bitches from now on.

Being dominated by a young girl is a kind of real taboo even in the dark world of female domination. If she looks like this brunette goddess on photos, then you can definitely consider the lucky person. Just being under her command is a really valuable experience. Not that you can brag about, but serving a cute girl is something that slave won’t forget, ever. Maybe she is not so cruel as older Dommes but from we can see on young femdom gallery below, it is just matter of time when this brunette mistress will get things one the higher level.

Until then, spitting, choking, whipping  and foot dom trampling are just fine. This young girl looks like a real Dominatrix. You can see her graceful attitude as soon as she undressed and changed her everyday outfit. It seems that she decided to bring this guy to her house when here parents are not here. What would they say if they know that their cute schoolgirl is actually a kinky dominatrix? At some point, they will maybe find out but until then, we should enjoy young Mistress female domination photos. Dominant brunette is dressed in tight black shorts and sexy high heels. She is a tall and handsome bitch and it seems that she really know how to enjoy having older guy kneeling in front of her. Just look at her serious face while she is spitting directly inside his mouth.

Young Mistress Femdom Photos:

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BDSM Contacts

So what happened recently is that I’ve started getting many emails from femdom BDSM fetish lovers, asking the same question all over again. The question is logical, but it seems that many people are somehow missing the answer. What I am trying to say that visitors here are asking how they can get in touch and be engaged in the BDSM relationship. I will try to now answer with the simplest answer possible. 

Considering that most of the visitors are not really ready to go out and try to find what they are looking for in the proper clubs, some smart people created a solution. I am talking about the special website for finding BDSM partners. Just one thing, this site is not dedicated only to the femdom stuff. On the contrary, you can please most of your SM desires and fetishes. Browsing and finding what you want is very simple and logical. Before you go there, one more thing that you should know. This website is dedicated to the people from the United Kingdom. I promise that I will soon find sites covering other countries but this shouldn’t stop you checking out how things work there.


BDSM contacts

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Urine Drinking

Urine Drinking

Urine drinking:

Mistress Kandy and Miss Jessica know that their slave is thirsty and his only drink on this day will come from Kandy’s pussy, or Jessica’s should she need to piss, as well. First the slave is told to sniff both of their crotches and imagine their piss flowing into his mouth. The Ladies then tell the slave to lay on his back as Kandy removes Her pants exposing Her perfect Pussy. She tells him to open his mouth and then unloads with a strong stream of nectar into his mouth. She has great control stopping so he can close his mouth and swallow, then he opens up to get more. The depraved slave has to beg for more and after a few more gulps she decides to stand over him and relieves herself all over him. Kandy tells Jessica that when she is done they will go out and leave the slave to clean up, or maybe they will just send him home to his wife drenched in Her urine.



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Smoking Huntress In Stockings and Gloves

Sexy Huntress abusing human ashtray

“Slave, fetch me a cigarette!”, the Hunteress commands the slave and she pulls hard at the chain that is wrapped round his neck. The arrogant Mistress looks so stunning in her black vintage lingerie, the stockings and these long leather gloves. Her lips are painted so red.

Is that a lucky slave who is allowed to be so close to that goddess? Of course he is but on the other hand he has to serve as her human ashtray. Without any self-effacement she drops the hot ash on his tongue. Do you like to see red lipstick on the cigarette? You will see it in this clip.

From time to time she Hunteress pulls him closer, bends over and spits into his open mouth. She comes so close to him that he can smell her lipstick. This is the most erotic human ashtray scene we have ever filmed. With a very painful end.






Lady Memphista

Lady Mephista
Lady Mephista

Lady Mephista, the femdom goddess with the endless sexy legs, brings a very new color to our dark female domination world. Not only her height but also her aristocratic aura makes her superior to any slave (male or female). Don’t let yourself be fooled by her friendly manner and her gracile body. Tied slave on the photo above can sing a song about her cruelty, her powerful face slaps and her way to make use of the cane.


Mistress Uncategorized

Busty Latex Dominatrix

Busty femdom dominatrix posing in sexy latex costume before she goes to a ride. Oh, and did I ‘ve forgot to mention that there is a naked slave who will ride her?


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Mistress Athena

Mistress Athena and her human ashtray

Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet in your life. And she knows that and she loves to tease slaves before she abuses them. Dressed in a skin tight, leather look outfit she enters the ladie’s salon where one of the slaves is already bound to a post, ready for the Mistress to have some fun with him.

She lights up a cigarette, inhales the smoke and talks to the slave: He will be her human ashtray now and he will like it! And you can see that the Mistress is aroused by the strong slave in that helpless position. To know that she can do whatever she wants with him is so much exciting. She spits into his wide opened mouth, just to prepare him for the hot ash she drops down on his tongue a few seconds later.

She comes closer and closer to the slave who starts breathing faster. He tries to reach her, to feel her, to kiss her but of course he can’t. The mean Mistress Athena really knows how to tease and denial. And guess, where she will stomp out the hot cigarette…? Yes, she is a cruel lady too.




Mistress Carly Whipping Slave

Glamorous and sexy, femdom dominatrix, Mistress Carly is whipping slave after she came from a party. She is looking gorgeous with her necklace and black pantyhose while whipping naked male slave. Once she finished whipping his tiny body, slave is forced to face fuck and please his this MILF Dominatrix.



Mistress in Jodhpurs

Mistress in Jodhpurs
Mistress in Jodhpurs

Young and strict, sexy lady in jodhpurs makes her slave cleaning her boots with his tongue. Slave is older guy, old enough so  he can be her grandfather, but that won’t stop this Mistress to practice her skills and femdom discipline.  Maybe that difference in years is actually something very special that is giving more value to her efforts.




Ruined Orgasm

Dressed to tease and break men’s hearths, sexy domme, Sheena Ryder is is slowly preparing naive guy for cock massage with happy ending. What he don’t know yet is that she is not planning to let him cum at all!. Her goal is to make him horny enough so in the moment when he is ready to cum, she can suddenly stop and ruin orgasm.


Busty Mistresses Orgasm Denial


Busty, horny and ready to play with slave’s basic instincts, two sexy and experienced cock stroking bitches are teasing naked and his pathetic cock that was ready to explode from the moment girls showed him their natural big tits. They are teasing him through verbal humiliation that is resulting in constant erection. Anyway, frustrating orgasm denial and ruined happy ending experience are something this slave will remember for a long time.



Christmas Femdom Special

Christmas Femdom Special
Christmas Femdom Special

Festive Xmas Double Daily HD Movie Updates! Already Started… Xmas is coming to The Mansion & we have a huge pressie for our loyal Members. We’re giving them even more real femdom as from Friday 14th Nov 2014 till Monday 5th of Jan 2015 – there will be 50 days of Double Film Updates. That’s 2 New Exclusive HD films every day! So if you ever needed a better reason to sign up for Membership then sign up up now.




Waiting For Mistress

You’re such a good boy, sitting there waiting at the door for Princess Sara to come home. Now that she is home you can adore her, kissing her feet and licking the bottoms of her shoes to show her how much you miss having your princess around. Follow her around like a good doggie and keep worshipping her feet. It’s tempting to sneak a peak at her perfect ass while she walks around, but remember to keep your eyes down and worship her at worm level.




Mistress Lezdom

fetish porn videos



Skinny blonde female slave has obviously been a very bad girl, and gorgeous  but strict femdom dominatrix, Mistress Chelsey Lanette is displeased enough to chain her up and lay her down on a table in the shade under a tree on the sun-splashed grounds of her expensive  estate. If you are real lover of high quality fetish porn videos and you have fetish for lesbian mistresses,their bitches ,public and outdoor humiliation, this femdom mistress torturing lezdom slave update is something you simply can’t miss. 


strap-on porno



Femdom dominatrix blog is about cruel goddesses, raping, fucking and humiliating slaves. Today’s update is about pervert dominatrix in strap-on porno action where she is brutally fucking female slave with her strap on dildo. Dominatrix is dressed in sexy tan stockings ,bra and high heels while her female sub is completely naked with her ass up, ready for humiliating anal domination.Actually, no one is asking her is she ready because her will doesn’t exist for this strapon goddess that is already  raping slave’s tight asshole.



Mistress Uncategorized

Busty Mistress Iris Domina

Busty Mistress Iris Domina
Busty Mistress Iris Domina


Give in to Your Animal Urges Stop fighting your true nature. Relax. Let me guide you. I know you have wicked urges. I know you can`t help yourself. Do you want to be my pet? My slave? My slut? Do you want to belong to me? To serve me? To worship me? 30&60 minutes sessions recommended!

What I do in private:
If you think you would enjoy serving a Goddess like me and will be grateful for the prestigious honor of serving me, Let`s get to know each other! I am always looking for new slaves.However,I do not like to waste my time on those who do not qualify!



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