Ella Kross Facesitting

Ella Kross facesitting is the sight to remember. Besides her huge experience in ass domination and slave humiliation, these photos look great because of her perfectly shaped body. I would say that Misstress Ella Kross knows very well how important is to constantly be in the good shape. It helps her seduce men more easily and also giving her necessary strengths for a long facesitting session. And this is one of those long sessions with one goal and that is to please a Mistress.

Just look at Ella Kross facesitting photos below and the expression on her face. Clearly, she really enjoys having slave’s tongue stuck deep inside her dominant pussy. But to get to this level of quality service, it takes some time, training and preparation. This is the reason why a slave is wrapped inside a plastic. Basically, he is helpless and there is no way that he can move or resist. This saves a lot of energy for a Mistress that can concentrate on her pure pleasure. 

And how well that goes it is clear from the last photo below. Look of that clear jizz of a vaginal liquid that ends all over slave’s face. The best part is that a slave will have to drink all that squirt since he has no choice and can’t move. It seems that this was the idea from the beginning on something that places a firm smile on Mistresse’s face. Personally, I believe that this is one of the best femdom facesitting sessions I’ve seen recently, at least regarding my taste. We don’t see Dommes squirting very often and usually, it ends just with a slave humiliation while we can clearly see the Mistress having an orgasm.

Anyway, bookmark this site, since there are some great outdoors face sitting session co9ming in next few days. 

Ella Kross facesitting photos:

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ella kross facesitting
femdom squirt

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