Leather worship slave

Leather Worship Slave
Leather Worship Slave

Leather worship slave, what a humiliating name for this naked sub. Adorned in sumptuously soft black leather, Dominatrix Heather wants every inch of it worshipped by her devoted leather loving sub. Slave is first ordered to sniff the intoxicating scent, before being allowed to kiss and suck on the heels of her thigh length leather  boots. As he works his way up her beautiful boots, he finally gets the ultimate pleasure of kissing the divine Domme’s leather clad bottom. A leather fetishist’s delight, you must admit.

If you look at him better, you can notice something on his tiny ass. What you see are red bruises from brutal femdom caning that he had to go through before he was allowed to go on his knees and start kissing Mistress’s black leather boots. There is one simple reason for that. If he feel the pain first, he will be more careful and much more devoted to his task, to avoid being canned again. Trick is that with such a dominatrix, slave don’t know will she find any other reason to destroy his ass again. Because of that, it is always best for a male slave to do precisely what his mistress orders him and not to try to avoid her at any cost. Will this pathetic leather worship slave manage to please this blonde goddess? Click on humiliating female domination photo above and check out completely free leather worship slave photo gallery. There you will find free leather worship slave video together with dozen female domination photos of this pathetic guy, while his dominatrix is humiliating him.





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