Misstress Roxy Jezel

Misstress Roxy Jezel, the amazing goddess has transformed her slave into a beautiful rubber dolly, dressed in latex and nearly perfect! The only issue Roxy has is with the rather hard cock that is spoiling the line of the skirt, so she decides to try various methods to deal with the problem. After trying it up, dolly starts leaking, so CBT is used to try and reduce the arousal, pegs and weight swinging on the balls, none of these successful in reducing the ardor, the Erostek is brought out and the electrodes attached. Roxy shocks Dolly’s dripping dick, her moans as the electricity flows causing lots of twitching but no hardon reducing. Her final method is to bring in another latex slave and make him suck all the cum out, as Roxy guides his actions.

This is one of the best recently published femdom torture updates. But what to expect when it is coming from the English Mansion, one of the top sites dedicated to best BDSM girls and their pathetic slaves. Believe it or not, this is just one of the episodes, and there is much tougher stuff inside. I will leave that to you to explore, without spoiling the surprise. Enjoy!

Misstress Roxy Jezel



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