Mistress Ella Kross Squirting

Femdom squirting is a very specific fetish and something that is really hard to find. Luckily, I’ve managed to get some great pics and share them here If you are asking yourself who is this goddess that is clearly enjoying what she is doing, her name is Mistress Ella Kross. 

This is not the first time that I am looking at her photos and videos but it is definitely the first that I am seeing her squirting. Maybe it was not on her mind when she started this facesitting session but the slave behaved so well that eventually, she came all over his face. I would say that much effort and training has to be invested to make a good pussy licking machine from a sub. Obviously, Mistress Ella Kross know what she is doing and how to get it. 

The most important thing is to make a slave completely helpless and unable to move. This way, Mistress is forcing him to absolutely obey her orders. You know, you need to really try that feeling of being unable to move, to properly understand what I am talking about. Once you are there, you will do whatever it takes to please a goddess that will finally set you free. This is exactly the method Mistress Ella is using. She is brutally forcing the slave to massage her pussy while she is sitting on his face. She is very persuasive and easily getting what she wants. One thing leads to another and after few minutes of brutal facesitting and pussy massage, we are looking at femdom squirting epilog. My favorite photo is the last one where you can clearly see small drops of her vaginal juice going won his PVC mask. Of course, that is just a small part of what she ejaculated, and the rest ended inside slave’s throat.

Femdom squirting:

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Mistress Ella Kross
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