Penis Torture

Penis torture is something every slave should experience as soon as possible. I can bet that most of dommes will agree that slave can’t be considered serious one if he missed to feel pain that is coming from penis torture or ballbusting. In today;s update of Brutal Femdom, sexy pinup dominatrix, Mistress Nyxon gets creative with a classic hand drill that involved nipple clamps and one very twisted up cock.But that is not all, she then adds electro-pads to her slaves balls and shocks him so bad he can barely stay in position.

Well that is in short , and now it is time to enjoy cock and balls torture photo gallery below where you can see hot pinup girl in black nylon stockings with garter belts slowly preparing tools for brutal femdom cock torture. She is calm and very dedicated to what she is about to do. Penis torture is serious thing and that is why this domme is going slowly. There is a very thin line between dick torture and castration. She know that very well and today she is going only with option number one. If you think that it is not enough, you are probably wrong. Just take a look at those kinky photos below and how precisely Mistress is squeezing and stretching slave’s dick. She knows very well where is the limit where she can go. of course, stupid slave don’t know that and he started screaming and begging for mercy. He is not sure will she pull of his cock and let him bleed locked inside her dungeon, where no one can hear him.

During complete penis torture session, sexy dark haired Mistress is not talking much what is making this slave even more paranoid. Uncertainty is scary when your balls are tied and your cock squeezed.

Penis torture:

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