Princess Serena

When it comes to facesitting, there is one only part of the body that counts. Of course, we are talking about the ass as the main tool and basically an object of worship. Simply speaking, without a well shape and beautiful ass, there is a slim chance that a facesitting session will be successful.

So we asked ourselves what kind of female butt would be most attractive for the men to worship? Are those big chubby butts, tiny ones, muscular or something else? It is hard to precisely tell because tastes are different but anyway, we think it is still possible to choose the type of female ass that everyone would find more or less attractive. 

So the next question would be, what dominant girl is a proud owner of beautiful ass epithet? Luckily, we have recently found of someone that can easily fit previously described. This is a young and hot German femdom Goddess, princess Serena. Beside masturbating on her fetish photos below showing that beautiful ass we are talking about, you should also know that there is a big repository available on her personal website. Click here to visit it and check out some of the hottest fetish worship videos we have recently found. Besides ass worship, expect to see some genuine foot fetish licking, femdom teasing, smoking fetish, femdom riding, POV teasing and of course, facesitting videos. 

But is just a fraction of what is available there. Current archive of over 260 video clips contains probably every of the most popular femdom fetishes today. Enjoy!

Princess Serena

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