Rubber Slave Humiliation

Rubber slave humiliation is based on the combination of two fetishes, rubber, and femdom. Today’s photos are coming from one of those rare sessions where slave dressed in rubber costume is dragged around and humiliation. But things are getting even better when you take a look at the photos and see that everything is done outside, on the fresh air. I guess it would be too much to put so many people in one room and dungeon considering that three femdom goddesses are involved in a session. So the girls decided to take him out and give him a good exercise.

You know, when you have a human animal servant available at disposal, it is a normal thing that sometimes you take them out without a warning. But this time, things are going to be a little bit different. Mistress Sidonia Von Bork proposed to two other dommes that they dress him in a rubber costume. This way he is going to breathe harder and everything will be different than usually. Of course, such a good proposition was immediately accepted to other two Mistresses.

Luckily, Mistress T had a perfect human pony costume so the rubber slave was on ready for his task in basically no time. This is going to be his longest ride since all three goddesses want to enjoy some riding today. Unfortunately for a slave, he will have to obey to that. Otherwise, he can be punished much worse (with a painful ballbusting, for example). Considering the experience that these three goddesses have in female domination, I can bet that they can come up with something even worse!

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Rubber slave photos:

rubber femdom rubber slave Mistress T

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