Sensual Trampling

Sensual Trampling

Sensual trampling by gorgeous Kandy and Jasmine. They are sitting on their slave (dad) and talking about all the abuse they have put him through on the day. They decide they will trample him, but more sensually. They call in the slave’s son to remove their boots and kiss their feet. Kandy comments on how stupidity runs in the family as the slave struggles to remove the footwear. Jasmine laughs and says “Stupidity, perversion and bizarre sexual addiction.”, while sonny sucks and licks their feet. Jasmine starts to trample dad while son licks Kandy’s feet. Jasmine thinks they might have to get the mom and daughter involved, as well, turn the whole family into their slaves. Eventually, Sonny is dismissed and the full abuse goes on to daddy. The girls start to trample him together and being Her nature Jasmine soon forgets that talk about sensual trampling.

While she jumps on the slave, Kandy steps on his cock and balls and then slips off from the sweat, almost ripping the slaves nuts off in the process. The slave screams which makes the Ladies laugh hysterically. Jasmine continues to jump on his chest before switching positions with Kandy and jumping some more. The slave is clearly suffering immensely but Jasmine doesn’t give a fuck as she digs Her toenails into him and then walks on his head. “After all I’m a Dominatrix”, Jasmine says, “I’m only so sensual.” Kandy squeezes the slaves cock as it expels nasty cum onto her hand which she then sticks in his mouth to lick up. They’ve had enough of dad, they are off to train the son further.

What you need to know that these kinds of BDSM footdom sessions are very sensitive. Some people made a serious mistake trying to experience something like this with inexperienced girls. That’s a big no-no and if you already want to try it, better hire experienced BDSM escorts for the job. Believe me, there is a good reason for that, especially if you are new to the world of domination and humiliation. 



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