Sweaty Ass Smothering

Here on Facesitting Femdom site, we are trying to cover all possible and impossible ass domination scenarios and fantasies. Facesitting domination might seem the same and boring but only people without experience will dare to give this kind of statement. Even if facesitting scenes look similar to the outsiders, real fans of this fetish know how to appreciate and enjoy the diversity of all those dominant buts. Simply speaking, every bottom is specific in a special way.

sweaty ass smothering

Same applies to today’s update. Still, there is something special in this forced facesitting scene. If you click on the photos above, you will be redirected to the page with more details about exclusive ass domination video clip. In short, why we are saying this update is so special? 

Because everything you are about to see is happening after Madame Marisa got back from one of her regular workouts. If you are following her and her lifestyle, then you will know that she is very serious in whatever she is doing and that includes not only femdom but also her regular exercise. Translated to the language of the stupid slaves, this means that her butt is totally sweaty and that her slave will have to endure and suffer under this sexy shaped sweaty butt! How cool is that?

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